Best methods for Trial & Error smoking?

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by tcon, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. tcon

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    Hey everyone,

    I am new to the forum and always looking for help in making my BBQ better.  I intend to compete in some KCBS events this summer and winter in Minnesota is a good time to try new rubs, sauces and techniques.

    Here is the reason for my first post.  I need to try out different stuff but man can it get expensive with meat and wood.  Yeah I know it's the nature of the beast so to speak but I'm hoping for some Trail & Error tips.

    Like can you split a brisket length wise down the middle and still get a good example of how seasonings and cook times would work?

    This is getting long so I'll shut-up and see what you folks have to say.

  2. smokinal

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    Just go to the search box & type in brisket or ribs or whatever you are trying to gain knowledge about. Then read all the posts, I'm sure you will have plenty of ideas when you finish. Trial & error is what it implies, you need to keep trying different things until you get the product you want. This site has many very friendly & knowledgeable people who will help you with just about any question. As to your brisket question. If you split a brisket the cooking time will be affected, the taste of the seasonings shouldn't change.
  3. TCON, first off - Welcome to SMF!  Glad you found the site!!!  Where in MN are you at - I moved out of Rochester a few months ago.  The best tip I'd give for trial and error is to buy an inexpensive piece of beef roast and get the flavors and technique going, then occasionally do a Brisket to see how close it matches to the cheap meat.  Down side is that you will have lots of great tasting meat to tempt friends and neighbors - and ask them for their input - don't rely on you alone for the taste tests!

    Good luck!

  4. tcon

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    Thanks for the tip John.  I live in Rochester.  Don't have to worry about meat going bad today [​IMG]
  5. I don't know that first hand - thank God.  Been summer everyday for me since I moved.  For the best pork butt - Sam's, same for the Spare Ribs. Brisket i always got at Walmart North - had the best looking stuff and cheaper than Just Rite or Ye Olde Butcher.  What smoker do you have?
  6. tcon

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    Yes I get most of my meat at Sams.  I have a Tragger Pellet Smoker, Texan.  Really trying to use it properly.  I believe that it smokes better than I cook.

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