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Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by adjwis, May 18, 2015.

  1. adjwis

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    Greetings to all you veteran smokers!

    I am in the process of building my first UDS and purchased a refurbished food grade drum. What is the best method for burning a drum? I suspect it's advisable to burn a drum no matter if it's "food" grade or not.

    Also what's the reason for the 3/4" steel pipe nipple and caps rather than ball valves all the way around? Is it a cost thing?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  2. fwismoker

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    I used pallets once and it was a good burn....but a weed burner/warming torch from Harbor Freight did great on my last one. Make sure any liner is burnt or sand blasted out.

    No reason to have more than one ball valve...not a cost thing just no need
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  3. adjwis

    adjwis Newbie

    Thanks FWI...

    The drum I purchased doesn't have a liner of any sort nor is it painted on the outside. I'll burn it after I get the holes drilled and will save some $$$ and only use one (1) ball valve.

    Thanks again!

    Happy Smokin'

  4. fwismoker

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    Hey in case you don't know there is an option to do a kit vs building your own.  The reason i did was because i wanted something with more versatility and besides it looks cool.   Look up Big Poppa Smoker drum kit... one thing is it has a basket they call a nest and it has an upper and lower position for different cooking techniques.  It makes one heck of a grill too. 
  5. sass2924

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    I just burnt my first drum. I used a weed burner from harbor freight. It took care of the liner great. Used it on the outside paint and it got the inside liner hot enough to remove easily. After I was done burning just used a little steel wool and what liner remained came right off, down to the bear metal.
  6. bmaddox

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    If it doesn't have a liner is it a food grade drum? Or was it a food grade drum that has already been sand blasted? Typically food grade refers to the liner inside.

    As for the ball valves and other nipples, I have two 3/4" nipples and one 1" valve. I open them all up to get it preheated then I close the 3/4" nipples. The 1" valve provides enough intake air and control to maintain temps on its own. Since valves are $15 there is no need for more than one since the others will only ever be opened all the way or closed.
  7. adjwis

    adjwis Newbie

    Greetings BMaddox,

    When I purchased my drum I told them I was making a UDS. They told me their drums are refurbished food grade drums and it appears as though it's already been sandblasted. I do know it has no liner so I plan to burn it anyway.

    I can use the extra cash I save on the ball valves to purchase a higher quality digital thermometer. Any advice on building the exhaust or just remover the bung hole cap?

    I need to get my UDS built cause' Memorial Day is fast approaching.

    Thanks for the reply and information.

  8. bmaddox

    bmaddox Master of the Pit

    If it is sand blasted then you shouldn't need to burn it out. For the exhaust, you should be able to get pre-threaded pipe to fit the existing holes to create an exhaust stack. 

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