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Discussion in 'Pork' started by golfpro2301, Apr 18, 2013.

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    I was wondering if the type of honey makes a difference in flavor when you foil the ribs. I use the trigg method and with the new rub I have been using it is a little too sweet. I was thinking about switching the honey or leaving out the brown sugar all together. I spoke with a friend about it and he uses three different kinds of honey and swears it makes a difference. Anyone else experiment with this and notice a difference? If so could you let us know what you think the best type of honey is or if you used multiple what kinds did you use.
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    When you add Rub, Tiger Sauce and Brown Sugar to the Honey you overpower most of the subtle flavor of many types of Honey. Your friend must have a very sensitive sense of taste as many people would not be able to taste the difference created by the multiple honeys when combined with all the other flavors added to the ribs. Choose a type of Honey you like and go with that. I am a big fan of Orange Blossom, Tupelo and Chestnut Honey, the latter being too expense to use more than straight up on Ricotta Cheese, Biscuits or Scones. Which is quite a shame as Chestnut Honey has a stronger flavor compared to most. Of the three Chestnut would stand up well to the other ingredients you put on ribs...JJ
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    Thanks jj. I am using john henrys pecan and sugar maple mixed together. I love the sweet flavor and the kick at the end from the sugar maple rub. If i left out the brown sugar in the foil wouod that help with eliminating too much sweet or would the honey be better.
  4. I would either reduce or totally omit the brown sugar since you are already using a fairly sweet rub. I made Trigg's ribs and they were just too sweet, so I've reduced the brown sugar and use a little agave nectar in place of the honey.
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    I have a friend who has his own bees.  I get honey from him and use that on my ribs.  Just use a little bit of Blue Squeeze parkay margarine and some of the local honey on mine when I foil.

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    I have had that Rub, good stuff. I would Nix the Brown Sugar and just add the Butter or Parkay, Honey or even Maple Syrup and Tiger Sauce, maybe a hit of Hot Sauce, the vinegar will give some balance. That should compliment the Rub nicely...JJ

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