Best Ever Chicken Wings Recipe

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  1. two much smoke

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    I made these and they came out great. You can adjust the hot sauce the way you like it. It is a lot of work but well worth it.

    Use your favorite dry rub on the wings and smoke until finished. When ready deep fry the wings for just a few minutes to get crisp.

    Put the wings in a pot, add wing sauce below, cover shake and enjoy.

    Wing Sauce

    Melted butter (approx 1/3 of sauce or to your liking)
    Franks Hot Sauce
    Habenero Sauce
    Louisiana Sauce
    A Dash Of Tabasco

    Mix together and shake on the wings.

  2. flash

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    We do something similar. Smoke, then on to a hot gas grill to crisp up. I use a gallon baggie with different hot sauces. Works great and even my questioning step son loved them.

    Good job [​IMG]
  3. meatball

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    Wow...those sound HOT!! [​IMG] I would eat 'em, but I know that nobody else in my house would touch them. Maybe that's a good thing LOL
  4. the dude abides

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    I'd for sure back off on the heat a little. But those do sound great. Where's the picts?

    You know what they qview, never happened. LOL

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