Best brisket in my life!

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    I feel strange posting this, since I didn't make this myself.  However, during a spur of the moment weekend trip to Las Vegas a few weeks ago, I came across a BBQ competition going on downtown!  What luck!  This was the best $10 I've spent on food in my life!  They had a people's choice competition going on so that attendees could sample que from select contestants(some apparently opted to only be subjected to professional judging.)  One dollar gets you a 3oz(many were much larger) sample.

    Anyways, I had a great time.  The brisket by H&D BBQ out of Salt Lake City really blew me away though.  I really thought I knew brisket, but they just wowed me so much that I had to devote both of my allocated voting tickets to them.

    Here are some pictures of it.  Of course, I tried everything un-sauced first, then with sauce.  The brisket here was really amazing plain, but the combination with their sauce just really took it to levels I had never imagined.


    They ended up winning the People's Choice award, and I just came across this video that they posted on their Facebook page from the event.

    This was the first BBQ competition I've ever come across, and it was really fun.

    If you ever have a chance to try them out, I highly recommend it.
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    I wish I could be that lucky!

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