Berkel Company Model 823E

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  1. I see a Berkel Company Model 823 E food slicer on Craigs list for sale in the amount of $450.00.

    Does anybody have information on this make and model of slicer, Good, Bad, Or Otherwise?

    The Berkel website list price is $620.00

    Thanks Rich-
  2. I don't have any experience with it but it is a 9" 1/4hp light duty economy model slicer. It seems to have good reviews such as being easy to clean & well built. Here are a few of them.

    I own a small pizza restaurant and this slicer is what I expected for under $600.00. This small, compact machine runs very quiet. It's also easy to clean and maintain. At first I thought the small 1/4-hp motor might not be big enough for our needs, but we've sliced continuously for up to 30 minutes or so at a time without any problems whatsoever. We generally slice veggies and fruits as well as meats like ham, canadien bacon, pork and beef. Sometimes cheese. I'm pleased with the quality and wouldn't hesistate to recommend this model to others in my type of business.

    Really sharp, well built and of course that means it's heavy, certainly worth the money, I could not live without it. What I dislike about most slicers is the fact they are hard to clean, this one is not hard to clean and so that a real plus for me. I would buy it again happily and if i need something bigger i'll happily look at Berkel again.

    The slicer is very easy to use and clean. The construction of the product appears to be top quality. Cutting deli meats consistantly paper thin is easy to acheive with the self feeding tray. I would reccomend this product to any person looking for a good quality meat slicer.

    As I said I don't have experience with it & don't know anyone who has one - this is just what I found with a little searching...
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    I just bought a Berkel 823 this morning and was searching here for any information on it. I paid $250, it was left over from a church rummage sale. This one seems very well built. It doesn't have an E behind 823.


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