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  1. Still a new guy  here, but could someone explain the bend test in a little bit more detail? I got some spare ribs and some baby back's and made a rub, preheated to 225, filled the pan with water, and put them on. I was planning on just smoking them for 4 to 6 hrs, no foil wrap or anything. It's been 2 hrs., they got sprayed with apple juice, and they looked pretty good. Been keeping the smoke going throughout the whole process. Does this all sound ok?
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    At 225°F they are going to takeb 6 hours maybe a bit more. 

    Bend Test. Grab the ribs from one end toward the middle with a pair of tongs. Pick them up. If they bend about 90° and the meat starts to splinter...They are done, tender with a bit of bite to the meat. If you want Fall Off the Bone, the rack should pretty much break in half or close to it. That all there is to it...JJ
  3. Thank you, is this pretty much the formula for all types of ribs? I've been 2 1/2 to 3 hrs., right now and they haven't pulled back any, as of yet.

  4. here are a couple of pics. Smoker shot is at 2 1/2 to 3 hrs.
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    The Bend Test

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    I always use the pull test when doing ribs. Grab two bones and pull then apart. If the meat separates easily I think they are done.
  8. Good info, I'm still smoking, going to check them in about 30 mins. Here is the last photo about 15 mins. ago.

  9. Alright it has been a all day deal, but they look great, so far. The spare ribs "bent" good but the baby back's didn't, so 1 more hour and they come off regardless. I think they are done, but I want somewhere in between firm and fall off the bone. Here is a couple of more shots.

  10. Final Inspection Time!

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    Looks like they came out nice. Baby Backs can sometimes have thicker meat. So although they usually go faster than Spare Ribs, if the meat is thick they can take longer than usual...JJ
  12. left them all in the same amount of time and they was good, tried to let them rest for an hour or so, but that didn't work out to well!
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    Good bend . . . I use wood , but no foil and also cook at ~225*F for  ~ 6hrs. and get this result time after time . :

    Have fun and . . .
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    6hrs of smoke, no foil? I like it!
  15. Looks great , nice  color
  16. Sweet smoke, that looks great. Did you smoke the beans?
  17. Yes the beans were smoked for a couple of hours, as well. was about the best I ever had!
  18. Thanks, now I have jerky and beans to try smoking. I need to stop reading. [​IMG]
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    Looks like they came out very good, well done
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    Looks like you had a very successful smoke.  Well done.


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