Below Zero Pig Roast

Discussion in 'Pork' started by gator, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. I've been roasting pigs for a while. Never done one under 40 degrees or so. Well, I wasn't thinking when I agreed to a February Wedding and who knew that we would be setting weather records. So, last weekend I had to do it. I went to Dan's ( my pig guy) after work and got her. She was 307 lbs live & 251 lbs hanging, one big bitch. I got her home, Injected her & got the coals going. Not only was it 7 below zero but the wind was blowing. I set my phone to go off every hour. I stoked the coals for 24 1/2 hours. It was the hardest hog I've done, with the happiest consumers. The bride & groom loved it, the whole wedding party loved it, Aunts, Uncles, Friends, hell everyone loved it. I had a nice girl call me last Monday asking for one of my sauces. She wanted it for her boyfriend who loved it at the wedding, that ended up as his Valentines Day present. This was the hardest hog I've done but the most rewarding. Sorry I didn't get any pics.
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    Ain't it the way! If the pig as burnt and dry and nasty you'd have a hundred pictures....LOL Maybe when we do our best, its supposed to be an event not to be dwelled upon. The people there they know it, you know it, and the pig was happy no doubt. Its how legends are born through the word of those who were there.

    And for someone's girl to ask for sauce for her boy friend's Valentine...... nice compliment there.

    Sounds like to put that ball outta the park! Congrats!
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    Now we know where the term hog heaven comes from!

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    No pics needed.  You shared a GREAT story!  I was practically there!
  5. You get the  extreme loyalty award for persevering in spite of the weather!  That is one lucky Bride & Groom to have someone like you there!
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    I've done a few pig roasts but never under the conditions you had.  I can realy appreciate all the prep work you had to deal with.  You went the extra mile and deserve all the compliments you recieved there and all the one's you get here!!!  Probably didn't have time for pic's anyway. Shows that you realy care about what you do.  Congrats on a fine job!! Reinhard
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    No Picts needed as all have said.  That is a great story, and a heck of a compliment to you as well.  Well Done!

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