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  1. My name is Steven. I'm from Columbia SC. I recently bought the brinkman from Home Depot. I know it's cheap but it's my first time. I'm going to try my first smoke while tailgating at darlington this weekend. I'm camping out so will get up real early Saturday. What would be a good meat to smoke?

    Thanks. Can't wait to try this.
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    Hi Stephen, and welcome from Myrtle Beach !  Lots of choices for your race smoke, but I'd suggest either a butt for pulled pork, or ribs, or both. The butt is petty forgiving, but will take longer. And of course everybody loves ribs, so you can't go wrong there. Anyway, lots of folks here ready to help you if you need it.
  3. I was thinking both ribs and butt. Just trying to get time table for each meat down as well as process of starting smoker. Wish I had a test smoke but it was kind if a last minute decision. I love to grill and grill often.
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    Welcome, glad ya joined us !
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    Hey Steven...welcome to SMF! There is tons of collective knowledge on the forum and great people willing to help and share their experiences. I started on a Brinkman as well and was able to produce good just takes a little more work.

    A few things to keep in mind about the brinkman (my personal experience):
    1. you will go through a good bit of charcoal/wood. I would go through about 20 pounds of charcoal for a 5-6 hour cook (ribs)
    2. The side by the firebox will be substantially hotter than the other side. There is a lot of information on how to improve this, but the firebox side will be hotter. I bring this up because i often had to flip meat like ribs or brisket around to get a more even cook.
    3. Always give yourself plenty of time. I found it much harder to "predict" when the meat was going to be done compared to my Rec Tec due to overall temp control.

    Those are a few things i learned using my brinkman. Like i said though, you can still produce great BBQ.

    As for the race, pulled pork would be the first choice (time permitting) because it is a forgiving meat and is hard to mess up. Also, you can feed a good number of people with it. Im sure once you fire that baby up you are gonna make some new friends.

    Second choice would be ribs. They are not as forgiving but take much less time.

    Another option would be chicken as it doest take much to do a couple chickens.

    If you search, you will find amazing recipes for all of the above.

    Good luck with the new smoker. Most important, have fun and post some pics of your first cook!

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    Welcome Steven

    Its a great place with great people, loads of experience, loads of help, and a friendly place to sit back and enjoy becoming inspired by others achievements. That's why we all like Q-View a picture of a great smoking experience is almost as good as being there.

    As to your first endeavor, Me I suggest a chicken, master a chicken and you can do anything. Besides Chicken is easy, its cheap, easily procured, and quick to cook. All those things make it great even for a workday.

    Here are a few of mine, I do love chicken. The "nekkid chicken" takes the least work and you'll get all the pats on the back you can stand (hopefully they'll wash their hands first).

    I like chicken and its so easy to learn on. But whatever you do, I hope you enjoy the smoke. Its so relaxing.

    Nice to meet you again.

  7. Thanks so much for the advice. I got pulled pork I am going to try. I have done it in the crock pot many times. Can't wait to try and smoke it.

    One question I do have. If the smoker isn't hot enough what can I do to get a little more heat on there?
  8. Good morning and welcome, I would suggest a trial run if at all possible, This will give you a chance to get to know your smoker. I started with an ECB  el-cheap-o-brinkman and smoked lots of great things. I agree with Foamheart about starting with chicken, I love to smoke pork shoulders but they take time Ribs are always a hit but you really have to pay attention.  Also check the gauge on your new smoker to make sure it is reading correctly they are notorious for being off. Again my suggestion would be smoke some chicken leg quarters or half's just to get the feel before you head to the race.

    Gary S 
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    Hey Steven

    Welcome to the Smoking  forum.   You’ll find great , friendly people here, all more than willing to answer any question you may have.  Just ask and you’ll get about 10 different answers—all right.  LOL.   Don’t forget to post qviews.

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    Hey StevenH717, I just wanted to follow up and see how your first smoke turned out? Any pics you can post? 
  11. Smoke went well. About as I expected. I forgot to take pictures. Started it around 830 AM took meat off around 330. The only problem I had was having steady smoke. And keeping the temperature up to par after several hours.

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