Beer Brined Smoked Chicken

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    I just recently subscribed to the smoking meat newsletter. Purchased jeffs rub/sauce recipe today and figured I would give it a go with his most recent addition to the newsletter.

    This was my first attempt at ever cutting up my own chicken, I think I did a pretty decent job. I had the hardest time with the breasts. I couldn't get the breast bone out and tried to cut around it, pretty unsuccessfully. So I ended up with 2 different sized breasts, with some deep slices underneath. I tried my best to save what I could of the skin though!

    Close-up of the meat cuts

    Here is what the beer brine looks like, as well as what beer I used. I ended up using some budweiser as that was what I had in the fridge.

    Added some ice-cubes

    I then covered the brine, and put it in the fridge, and started on the sauce!

    w/o flash

    w/ flash

    all done with the sauce!

    Next time I make the sauce, I'll use a little less ketchup. The front end has too much ketchup taste, but everything else is amazing. Def get jeffs recipes if can.

    All done with the brine bath!!!

    Put the thighs, legs, and wings in a bag and shook to add the rub. The recipe only called for 1/4 cup, but I needed 1/2 cup for just these pieces. I prefer a little heavier rub. 

    Here's the breasts

    At this point I had already preheated the smoker, and it was time to get the Amaze-n-Pellet Smoker started. Only filled it half way since I won't be smoking the whole duration. I'm using an assorted variety of pellets. I got a 40lb bag of it off amazon for 30$. Hickory, Cherry, Hard Maple, and Apple. The recipe called for pecan wood, but I can't find any of that in my area. Though I haven't looked too hard and probably won't till I run out of year :p

    Here they are going into the smoker

    You can see the tip of the wings hanging down in this pic. I fixed that after I took the photo.

    I forgot I had my flash on, this is what the pic looked like shortly after I opened the door. The smoke looks contaminated, but its just the reflection of the flash. Still a cool pic.

    This is what they looked like after I glazed them with jeffs sauce + 1/4cup beer. I ended up using 4 tbsp of sauce to the 1/4 cup of beer. It was just too runny for my likes, and I prefer a thicker sauce.

    Here you can see my two probes. I end up hot-swapping them on my chefalarm from thermoworks. I didn't know the Maverick ET 733 existed till well after I bought this. The maverick is on my xmas list though :D

    Finished product!!

    The breasts were at 150 when I pulled them out, going to finish them up in the pre-heated oven.

    All done!!!

    And all that's left

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    Looks great. I have 2 chickens in the fridge over night with brine. Going on the smoker with pulled pork burgers this afternoon.
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    Good post , Mrbucket . I really enjoyed your post . Chicken looked excellent and I liked the heavy Rub look on the finished Bird .

    Thank you for a look at your cook . . .

    Have fun and . . .
  4. Now this is what Q VIEW is all about.  GREAT 6th post [​IMG]

    Looks damn good all around and that END shot was perfect

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    I just came across this recipe in the newsletter.

    Your post and Qview is awesome! Points!!

    I think I will be trying this recipe this weekend. I may substitute the beer for Dr. pepper. Not that I don't like beer, but I'd rather save my Genny for drinkin'! Lol

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