Been awhile but next weekend I think.

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by shooterrick, Jul 3, 2011.

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    Been some time since I made a load of sausage and the freezer is bare.  I have 40lbs of pork butt and some extra bit of trimmings and so next weekend I am going to make 20lbs of Sicilian and 20 lbs of bratts.  I will as my custom do a step by step that some newer sausage makers may find of use.  The pork will come out of the deep freeze tuesday and be placed in the fridge to slow thaw.  Neither of these will be cured but 10lbs of the bratts will be boiled in beer and cooled before vac pac time. 

    Both of my recipes are available on the forum so I will not post them again unless someone can't find them that wants them.

  2. meateater

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    [​IMG]   Will be waiting. 
  3. shooterrick

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    Just a side note:  I purchased a stainless 20lb meat mixer I have yet to use.  I will do a full review on the mixer at this time also.

    The questions I will give an opinion on are pretty basic.

    1.  Is clean up worth the effort to use.

    2.  How well does it function.

    3.  Will I want to purchase it again.

    4.  How if at all does it affect the final product.
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  5. chefrob

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    sound good rick................git after it!
    i got one too so i'd be interested on your thoughts...........i have mine own but i'd like to see how your trial goes.

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    I will also be looking forward to your sausage write-up as well as the review on the meat mixer. Your issue #1 - is cleanup worth the effort - is one of the things I keep thinking about everytime I start to purchase a mixer. Most of my batches are in the 15lb to 25 lb range, and it seems like a mixer might be a handy thing to have.
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    Sounds great Rick!

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