Been a while since I've done a brisket

Discussion in 'Beef' started by na na, Jul 18, 2014.

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    First weekend I've had without any plans.  Just gonna relax and take it easy.  However I am itching to throw something on the smoker, so went out and picked up a small 4.5 lb brisket to try this weekend.  Been a while since I've done one.  Can anyone give me some tips on how long to expect for the cook?  Should I estimate an hr per pound?  Also, after reading may posts on here, thinking I might try some burnt ends.  Any suggestions?
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    During my extensive (2) brisket smoking experience. Here is my newbie to newbie advice

    If you have people coming over "plan" for 1.5-2hr/ lb. It does not hurt to be early and the cooler towel trick will keep the brisket warm if you get done early.

    Use a good temp probe and I start checking for tenderness at 190F

    Pull brisket when tender via toothpick test. Yes it really works

    I possibly could have pulled my point sooner (some parts pulled because it was so tender) but never the less the burnt ends were tasty and went first with rave compliments.

    The two briskest I have done were easy and I still cannot believe the results.

    So....guesstimate by weight 1.5-2 hr/lb
    Refine with temperature 190-200f
    Finish with the toothpick test
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    Folks...its days like today that make me realize why I love smoking meat so much.  The brisket came out awesome!!  Best I've ever done.  kept is simple.  did a dry rub with SPOG this AM, and injected with beef broth, onion powder, and garlic powder.  Threw it on the smoker at around 11:00, and added about a stick of hickory ever hour.  Cooked temp on ave. was about 240-260.  Pulled it off at 3:00 when IT was 160.  Double wrapped it, and put back on the smoker for another hr.  Took it off at 4:00, and double wrapped in towels, and into the cooler it went.  Took it out and sliced it up at 5:00.  I think the pics speak for themselves.  Enjoy!!



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