Beef tenderloin today!

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    We bought a whole beef tenderloin to cut into steaks.  But that little tail end is never thick enough.  We cut it off and decided to try it low and slow on the smoker.  I didn't have a beef specific rub and wanted to try something different from Jeff's rub which is great, but I really don't want sweet or hot so....   I decided to make up something.  First I put the meat in a ziplock with Worcestershire and some red wine.  Then I pulled it out and put on my rub.

     Here is my rub concoction,  one tablespoon of each:

    Black pepper

    Kosher Salt


    Garlic Powder

    Onion Powder

    Lemon Pepper

    Beau Monde

    Tony Chachere's Creole seasoning

    ...and well, since I had some anyway, 1/4 cup of Jeff's rub.

    I rubbed it down good then added a couple teaspoons of minced garlic scattered around.

    Then back into the ziplock with the wine and Worcestershire and into the fridge for an overnighter.

    Today it went into the MES 30 preheated to about 220°.  It wasn't cold today but it was very windy so I put my homemade blanket around the MEC.  Not sure it was necessary but it doesn't hurt.  I used a combination of pecan and apple chips.

    I put it in with the fatty side up(see top photo) with the thought that the fat would sort of self baste. 

    About 4 hours later I hit an IT of 155°.   I like my beef medium and my wife likes it well done (aka ruined/annihilated) but she can tolerate it with the most very slightest pink.  I was hoping to strike a happy medium. 

    Oops, ^sorry for the ^ sideways photo.  That's it fresh out of the smoker. 

    After a rest of 10-15 minutes I sliced it up.   OH JUST PERFECT ![​IMG]   I hit the color right where I wanted!  Not overcooked at all but done enough to satisfy wifey!


    I could take mine a little more toward medium but no complaints from me, I stuck the happy medium I was shooting for.  I thought it was very moist and extremely(cut it with a fork) tender. 

    My little girl said she would just as soon have a steak on the grill and asked for some steak sauce. [​IMG]   What does she know, she's not quite 9 yet. 

    Wifey said, "Meh"  Okay, but she'd as soon have a grilled steak too.  I tried to explain this is a smoked tenderloin, not a grilled tenderloin, there is a difference.  Then wifey said she thought it had a taste similar to everything else I've cooked on the smoker. 

    I suggested that perhaps it was the SMOKE FLAVOR she was tasting.  She agreed that yes, that could be it.[​IMG]  While she liked it and ate it just fine, she decided she could probably like it better if it were not smoked.  Sigh....

    I will say, I like a subtle smoke flavor and I have been turned off in the past by heavy smoke flavor.  I like a smoke flavor better on pork or ribs and less so on beef. In fact I could do this in the smoker, low and slow without any smoke and I think I would like it just fine.  Yeah, blasphemous I know.

    Anyway, I think it was superb.   Of course, it is difficult to mess up a beef tenderloin. Probably overcooking is the biggest sin.

    The rub was good  with a thin layer of fairly intense flavor without overwhelming the flavor of the beef.  I cook steaks on the grill with minimal seasoning and never use steak sauce, as I love the flavor of beef.  So this rub worked well  in adding flavor and seasoning without masking the taste of the beef.

    I cannot help that the others in my household do not share my great love of bovine done differently.  I had this with a mixed green salad and some parmesan roasted potatoes. (Which always scores points with wifey!) 

    This cow did not die in vain. I rate this a successful smoke! [​IMG]
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    Looks awesome.

    I use that same insulation for my mini, never thought about using it on my mes.
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    Well no matter what you're taste testers say that's a nice looking hunk of meat you smoked there. My wife gets tired of the smoke and I have to cut back every once and a while. But when it's time to smoke it's time to smoke!
  4. Looks good turned out great in my book

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    Looks real good! Friday can't come soon enough for mine!
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    Great job , only issue is I didn't get my sample!
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    Nice job on the cook.   Since your wife and daughter preferred grilled, that makes it better for you.  Next time, take it to the temp you prefer (medium, still pink and juicy), slice it then grill their portions up to their preferred temp.   Win/win for everyone !!
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