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  1. Well I was able to acquire a nice stack (about 3 wal-mart bags full) of beef short ribs packaged by a locker plant from my wifes cousin.  They do not like them because they claim they are too tough to eat so they gave them to us.  I left one package out to thaw so I can try them out this weekend.  I've done pork ribs a few times but never beef. I assume the 3-2-1 method will work just the same or is there a better "trick" to these?  I'm not sure I've ever had beef ribs at all let alone cooked them. 
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    I made some a couple of weeks ago.  They were great.  Mine were from Sam's before they cut them up into smaller pieces so they were huge.  Just rub them with salt, pepper and garlic.  I did basically a 2-2-1.  I cooked them to 190 degrees.  You need to get them that high to render the fat out of the short ribs.

    Good luck and enjoy.
  3. Great!  Thanks!  I'll toss some on this weekend and see what happens.
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  5. They look like they are about the same size as what you had there in that post.  They are no where near the size of a full rack of pork ribs thats for sure.  I will get some Q-View of them sunday when we toss them on.  I too do not like my ribs sauced so these will be nekid ribs
  6. i do short ribs or any beef ribs for 5 hrs unfoiled the whole time. just a simple SPOG rub on em. they come out fantastic over cherry wood. or a cherry/apple combo.
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  7. I have cherry wood I was planning to use! Can't wait to try them out.

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    Cherry is an excellent choice for beef.
  9. Used some rub I already had mixed up and they are currently on the UDS now with cherry and a little hickory.  

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    Looks tasty!
  11. Ended up with a 2-2-1 and they are a very tender as you can see. They taste great! Bella is thrilled with her treat also!


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    Looks great.  The uds is a cooking machine.
  13. It is for sure! I could not be more pleased with it!

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  14. Those are good eating! Can't wait to do those again!

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    I keep seeing beef ribs on here.

    I need to try some.
  16. I was actually going to buy some to try when my wife told me her cousin wanted to give us some. Glad she did!

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    Beef short ribs are a tough cut, so they need low and slow cooking. But they're delicious when done. I've done them in the smoker at 225 for about five hours, followed by a two hour "choke" in an aluminum pan with a 1/2-inch of beef stock and red wine in the bottom and covered with foil. I used a light rub of salt and pepper. 
  18. These turned out very very tender bones pulled right out HOWEVER, there was still alot of fat that did not render out of them.  Seemed like there was almost more fat than meat.  I used the same rub and spritz I use on pork ribs just to keep things consistent and they tastes great but next time i think I will use a more basic SPOG rub for the beef ribs. 
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    Lookin' tasty!!! If you want to render out more of that fat, try dropping temps back about 15* after an hour...they will cook slower and need a few more hours to get tender, but it allows more fat to melt away...think of it as extra low & slow. I've let pork spare ribs smoke for 7-8 hours for that same reason.

  20. I'll try that on the next batch as we now have several of these to cook up! There was a fair amount of fat left in them.

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