Beef rib/roast questions

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    I have never smoked beef ribs, I've always all of the types of pork ribs and pork butts or shoulders. Are there any differences or procedures when smoking a rack of beef ribs or a beef roast? I am making some pulled pork for my co workers and I am going to try my hand at doing something in the beef catagory to fill up my smoker. I can't see letting smoker space go to waste.
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    Sigh... another junkie! LOL! Right ON man! Meowey has ya covered. Yumm Dino-bones!
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    Great stuff and many post on it here in SMF. Do a search.
    I LOVE to marinade them in Mojo Crillio. I place them in a pan with alittle mojo for around 3 hours, rotating as needed.

    The next hour I remove them from the pan, wrap in foil and place them on the grate. For the last 1/2 hour, open them up from the foil and place on the grate to firm up some.

    Smokin Good [​IMG]

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