Beef prep for smokin' chili challange w/ Q view

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  1. My work is holding a chili cook-off to raise funds for employee fun days. The gauntlet was throwed, challenge accepted [​IMG]

    My Lady, the ever beautiful and sexy Hot Kelly had recently picked up a nice 3 lb bottom round and as I had no other immediate plan for it decided to use it for part of the chili meat.  As I don't need the whole roast for chili meat it seemed like a good time to treat myself to a little jerky as well so....

    Sliced off about 3/4 lb for jerky and rubbed the meat the night before.

    Seasoned and yaki'd the jerky meat as well. Both into the fridge overnight.

    This morning I dialed the smoker to 225*, put the probe for my new wireless thermo into the roast and racked the jerky.

    Had to kinda balance between proper temps for the jerky and the roast so settled on 225* until the jerky got done then bumped the temp to 240* to finish the roast. Used Hickory wood chips through the entire smoke.

    Jerky was done in 90 minutes, came out great

    Roast took about 4 1/2 hrs. Pulled it at what my new thermo said was 135*. Checked it with my thermopen and it read 140*. Need to calibrate both with some boiling water but I'm not unhappy.  Was great to not have to open the smoker every 30 minutes to check the IT.

    Mostly followed Bearcarver's "step by step" for this - Big Thanks Bear !!! [​IMG]     As always, you know your stuff and got it down spot on !

    Double wrapped the roast in foil, let it sit for 'bout an hour. Than had to cross cut it for the Q View and a taste. Absolutely out of this world flavor [​IMG]

    Gonna let it sit overnight then chop most of it up for the chili. Gotta save some slices for sammies of course. Tomorrow night will concoct the chili following my Ladies recipe [​IMG] ( will share that tomorrow) then put the chili in the foil pans and smoke it for a couple hours.  Until tomorrow....Happy Smokin' y'all !!
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    Looks like your off to s great start! Jerky looks awesome.
  3. Nice Looks great  Let us know how the Chili turns out

  4. Thank ya B-One ! 
  5. Thanks Gary, will do [​IMG]

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