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  1. T minus 30...beef top butt heart and a pork striploin. Can't wait till tomorrow! Never done the beef any last minute suggestions? I am thinking 12 13 hours for that one.
  2. Depends on the thickness, type of meat, cooking temp etc.

    I'll be watching
  3. Thanks. 8lbs. Similar to a pork butt. Will be at about 230. I am working on a wsm. It is on now

  4. Looking Good

  5. b-one

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    Looking good,what size is your WSM?
  6. 22.5. Just pulled the pork off. Happy at 160. Going to cool it slice it is him for sandwiches and bring it back on grill tomorrow. Top with cheddar BBQ and lots of pickles. Can't wait
  7. And the beef is done. Wrapped and resting. Hopefully I can pull this thing apart as I think I can
  8. b-one

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    Wish I had bought the 22.5. Never tried sliced pork sammies looking forward to some pics! Looks like everything came out tasty!:drool
  9. Check that bark! Slice pics?! :grilling_smilie:Thumbs Up
  10. Here is the beef. I will show you pork shortly. Got so excited to eat it we forgot pics. Making more tonight for dinner

  11. The sliced pork Sammies as promised. Juicy and just the right amount of smoke

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