Beef brisket in Hampton Roads VA

Discussion in 'Meat Selection and Processing' started by bradley101, Jan 10, 2016.

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    I just got a new smoker and was wanting to smoke some beef brisket. From everything I have read the point is the better cut over their flat. Is this true and does anyone know where to buy the point. Everywhere I have gone only has the flat.
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    You may need to hit up your local butcher for the point in some areas. Typically, the packer (whole) or center-cut (trimmed flat) are the only way to get brisket at grocery stores.

    The point is a tubular muscle construction with quite a bit of intramuscular fat and collagen (difficult to dry-out) while the flat muscle is a fibrous construction that is very lean (easily dried-out with high finished temps if proper methods are not utilized). The point is very forgiving of the high finished temps necessary for tender brisket and is a good candidate for various prep/cooking methods...the flat, not so much.

    Burnt Ends made from the point are a great treat, if you care to put a little extra time and effort. When smoking a packer, BEs are are a must around here...yeah, when you hit on a method you like, you'll want to make them every chance you get.

    BTW, welcome to the SMF Family!!! Please, drop by the ROLL CALL forum and drop us a line so we can properly welcome you.


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