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  1. Hi all!
    Got about 65 pounds of beef back ribs from my sisters butcher, she owns a restaurant so I got them for $2.77 a pound. They are huge and have a fair amount of meat on them. I smoked some the other day and they were ok but not tender and juicy like we like them. One problem is that they are not consistent from end to end. So one end gets done befor the other. Does anyone have any suggestions? That pan is 28" long.
    He is a picture of two racks uncooked.
  2. uzikaduzi

    uzikaduzi Meat Mopper

    what was your set up with them?

    i like to go higher with beef ribs between 250-275 with just salt pepper galic powder and onion powder and bring them up to 190... i've never gotten them to be like pork ribs fall off the bone tender whe they look trimmed down like you have them, but i still very much like them.
  3. smokinal

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    I do them just like spares 3-2-1.

    Or to IT of 200.

    I really think beef ribs need to have the foiling stage to get them tender.

    Also put the thicker end toward the hotter part of your smoker.

  4. uzikaduzi

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    Looks like I'm foiling next time!

  5. I did these yesterday. Left them on for 8 hours at 285F. Just a Salt, Pepper and Granulated Garlic rub. I didn't foil. Came out perfect. Didn't get a cut picture because I was hungry and my parents were over.
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  6. The first thime I did beef back ribs three years ago I used Jef's recipe, rub and all, it was a recipe where the ribs were separated, They turned out exelent. The next batch turned out tasty but chewy and I don't know why?
    Now 3 years later I'm doing full racks at 225 going to the internal temp of 195, they are good but not tender. Should I separate them like I did the first time? I will go to 200 internal temp next time and do the 3-2-1 method, I don't think the rub I use affects anything but the taste. And what I'm using tastes good. My issue is tenderness. I think I'm gun shy I really don't want to mess these ribs up. I smoke short ribs and the come out great. Why not these?
  7. Gotalotgoingon,
    Those are nice looking ribs are the back ribs or short ribs?
  8. Back Ribs. I can't get shorty's around here from some reason.
  9. REMSR,

    I took these ribs to 203. I was pulling mine at 195 before and got the same results as you.
  10. lemans

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    Those ribs look awesome
  11. uzikaduzi

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    I love 203 in brisket (mine is less slicable but I prefer that) and pulled pork, bu5 I've always been afraid to go that far with ribs because I don't want them to literally fall off the bone.

    How were they texture wise? I think something awesome happens at that temperature... idk if it's maybe maximum collagen break down before drying out or what, but I'm interested
  12. They had some pull to them @ 203. I don't like fall off the bone ribs however I made some St Louis style pork ribs like that for my parents at the same time I did the beef ribs. I read Franklin's book and he takes his beef ribs to 203 so I thought I would try it once since mine always came out a little tough. You are right, 203 seems to be the magic temp for a lot of meats.
  13. pcjack

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    Glad I found this post. Hy honey bought some back ribs with the typical meats, so I am looking to try this one.
    Thanks for the tips guys!
  14. Al I am doing these in a WSM 221/2" I know you have experience with since that's what you smoked on befor you got the Lang. I don't know that there is a hot or cold side in the WSM. So what you recommend? I have 4 huge racks thawing out for a Sunday smoke.
  15. b-one

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    I'll toss in my two cents! Your WSM temp should only vary top and bottom grate and in my 18.5 it's not much of a difference with a dry water pan I have had butts cook within a couple of degrees. I have only done single bone beef ribs,all I could get, and foiled some for the wife who's not a big bark fan her's were far better then mine I stole one for research purposes. I would just hit them with some worchestshire sauce season with SPOG and smoke to color wrap in foil till tender. I didn't put any liquid in ours but if you wanted beef broth would be my call. Good luck looking forward to how they turn out!
  16. b-one
    Thank you for your input, I'll try a q view though I don't really know how to do one on my iPhone. My water pan is always filled with sand and covered with foil and I use an IQ 130 temp controller to regulate and control heat.
  17. waterinholebrew

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    Randy, you've some good advise... I just think you've undercooked em as others have suggested, just give em a bit more time in the smoker & you'll be good ! Ya can also use the toothpick test for tenderness... Just my opinion !
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  18. And a good openion it is as all your advice is and greatly appreciated.
    Al says foil them. I did last time, but only went to 190 ITT and some may have been less. Because they are inconsistent I fear drying some of them out and I don't know how to get around that if I take them to 203 ITT which is my plan.
  19. I am putting baby backs in MES 40"
    Here they are before rubbing
  20. Hear they are rubed with a combination of Bulls Eye BBQ sauce for the rub to stick to Grub Rub and Back Forty St Louis rub.
    Wrapped two before I remembered to take a picture.

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