Beef Back Rib Rub?

Discussion in 'Sauces, Rubs & Marinades' started by smokemaster, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. smokemaster

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    Looking for a rub for Beef Back Ribs.  I'll be cooking 9lbs tomorrow. I was going to use Montreal Seasoning. I've used it on briskets before.
  2. cliffcarter

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    I just use my usual beef rub on beef ribs.
  3. flash

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    Jeffs will work fine. Another one you can make is MDM Rib Rub. Don't let the amounts of sugar fool you. My wife does not care that much for sweet and prefer's MDM over Jeff's. Do a Google search for it.

     If you need a store bought, Durkee's Chicken and Rib Rub is not bad at all.
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  4. mballi3011

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    I have a couple I like on beef ribs and thats Jeff's is really good and then I use Old Bay rub is good too. Then you can mix some brown sugar into it for some added sweetness. Then Tip has and ShooterRick both have really good ones and I think it's in the wiki under rubs I believe.
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  5. shtrdave

    shtrdave Smoking Fanatic

    I have Jeff's rubs, but it is not what I was looking for, I so i still look for the right taste, Anyone who has made the MDM it lists 1/3 cup sugar twice is this correct?
  6. 5lakes

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    I haven't tried MDM Rib Rub, so did a quick search on it. For sugar, it has both white and brown sugar, 1/3 cup each. If I were to make it, it does sound good, I would use 1/3 cup Turbinado sugar and 1/3 cup dark brown sugar.
  7. shtrdave

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  8. 5lakes

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  9. eman

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    Looks like a misprint to me.

     I think that is more of pork rub. To much sugar for beef in my opinion.( but i don't like sweet beef.)
  10. flash

    flash Smoking Guru OTBS Member


    Dry Ingredients–Only

    1/3 Cup granulated sugar
    1/3 Cup brown sugar
    3 tspn. Old Bay Seasoning (sh-h-h, secret ingredient of MDM)
    6 Tbspns. Kosher Salt or Coarse Mediterranean Sea Salt
    ¼ tspn. of paprika
    1 tspn. dry mustard powder

    2 Tbspns. ground black pepper
    1 Tbspn. garlic salt
    1 Tbspn. dried onion
    1Tbspn. dried basil

    We do use it more on pork, but the sugar amounts will not upset you. As I stated, my wife does not care for sweet, but loves this rub.
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