Beautiful day for smoking a shoulder

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  1. 75 degrees today and a 8.5 pound bone in shoulder in the fridge. Had todo it! I decided to smoke at 275 because the wind would be picking up later. I trimmed it and rubbed it and places it on the smoker at 9:30 AM. Currently it's humming along at 275 with internal temp up to 150 after 5 hours. About to hit the stall I am guessing.

    Here is a pic of the pre-smoked meat
  2. Forgot to mention I am using Apple wood and water in the pan. Wind is picking up now. Need to build me a shelter bit have not had the time. Pork is smelling great! Getting hungry.

    On a side note, I smoked a brisket last week and it's in the freezer for Easter. Getting excited for the pig out on Sunday.
  3. doing a pork roast as well today but hardly as big as that bad boy.

       Temps here in the Great White are 30ish.

       Looks yummy pre-cook
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  5. 30 degrees? No thanks!!! Haha. Pork roast sounds good too. Hope it turns out well.
  6. Meat at 160 six hours into the smoke. I foiled it and placed it back in the smoker. Smoker temp is down some due to the wind.
    Here is a QView before wrapping it. ( A piece fell off so I had to taste it. Smokin good!)
  7. Well a little bad news. I did not put enough charcoal in. I used a different brand than I normally do and it burned quicker. Shoulder is not in the oven at 300. Internal temp is 170.
  8. Not= now.
  9. End result.
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    man that looks great, awesome job
  11. Thanks Brandon. We ate some of it and I froze the rest for Easter. Life is good.
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    Great looking PP!

    Glad it turned out good, even if you had to finish it in the oven (done that a few times myself).


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