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Discussion in 'Pork' started by trucking13, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. trucking13

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    So after rain all weekend, today we got a break and i decided to get those country ribs in the smoker,

    so on the rack and into the mes they went for 2/2/1(THANKS BEAR!)

    after 2 hours i foiled them and then sauced for 2 hours

    then back on rack for 1 hour and done, plated with some  puerto rican rice and gondolas

    also got my new knife today, it's the same one the bbq pit boys use and sell for $75 on their website but i got it for $15 on ebay. 10 inch OLD HICKORY

    ribs came out nice and tender with real good taste, THANKS AGAIN BEAR![​IMG]
  2. Nice Job  Looks like they turned out great  Nice score on the knife

  3. trucking13

    trucking13 Fire Starter

    Thanks Gary, yea knife is great.
  4. waterinholebrew

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    Nice lookin CSR's ! Thumbs Up
  5. welshrarebit

    welshrarebit Master of the Pit

    Gandule rice is da bomb! You just need some pasteles to go with that...
  6. trucking13

    trucking13 Fire Starter

  7. trucking13

    trucking13 Fire Starter

    Thanks, i think they came out great, with bears procedure.. 
  8. welshrarebit

    welshrarebit Master of the Pit

    We have a big PR community here! Every weekend there's a family that sells pasteles and honto rice on the side of the road. Good stuff!!!

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