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Discussion in 'Side Items' started by saltbranch, Feb 5, 2009.

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    Whats your quicki bean dip? I use refried beans, Velveeta, bacon drippings,butter and Cayanne pepper. Heat and serve, left overs go on tacos in the AM
  2. rivet

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    Two cans of full fat original refried beans. Sometimes use Chipotle flavored ones...the brand is "La Preferida" I think...Not sure, it is in the international aisle of the grocery store and at wally-world.

    One can cheese dip sauce.

    1 Cup spring onions sliced into thin rings, green parts and all.

    1/2 LB Velveeta (Mexican Cheddar Jalapeno or Monterrey Jack Jalapeno flavored) cut into 1 inch cubes.

    1 Teaspoon each Chili Powder, Paprika. Healthy shots of Tabasco Sauce.

    Fold everything except cheese well in a large bowl. After it is all mixed together, gently mix in the cheese cubes and pour into a pyrex bowl or glass casserole dish.

    Bake at 400 F for an hour or so, until its bubbly and a nice thin crust has formed on top.

    The dip will have nice pockets of creamy cheese in it as you dip your chips!!

    My wife "invented" this for me just for football season and my favorite Redskins games! Go 'Skins!


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