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    I just found your forum and it seems like there is a lot of smoker/bbq gurus on here so i thought i would seek some knowledge!!

    I have just build a brick BBQ with smoker (1st time) on the end and have made a concrete slab for the roof of the smoker.

    However someone pointed out that using sand and cement might not work and just crumble away with the heat.

    The concrete roof/slab has wire mesh in the middle to reinforce it and has been drying out now for a month. It seems pretty solid even if it does have a few little cracks in but yes the mix was sand and a cement (strong mix of cement).

    I know its hard to tell with out seeing it but I am just after another opinion about my roof i have made or if i should make another one, or if i should use something else. My other idea is to get some steel and then cover it with some tiles.

    Hopefully there is some photos below of my build.



  2. brooksy

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    Just tying to figure out the configuration. Is the grill in the bottom half also the firebox for the smoking chamber up top?
  3. thehairyhobo

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    I've got a tray for the BBQ coals (you can just see it in the photo) which is near the top of the BBQ pitt area. Then there is a small hole between the BBQ pitt area and the smoker pretty much ground level and is a couple of bricks heigh. I'll light a 2nd fire at the bottom, below the tray for the coals, to fire up the smoker side.

    I'm also making a butterfly flap to go over the vent so i can adjust the smoke through to the smoker side.
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  4. saovicente

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    Great grill and smoker: nice and clean. I love the handles and doors. Do you mind sharing the whereabouts of where you purchased them (especially the handles)

    I am new to smoking myself but I know a bit on sand, concrete, etc.  Sand and Portland cement by itself can be okay as long as the temperatures do not go over 500 degrees (which in smoking is the not best)  but flaking may occur over time: to ensure a long life of the roof, plus I assume you will be adding on a chimney. I would recommend you do a mix of sand, portland cement, type S lime and fireclay. ( Combine the items by volume (This mix can also be used as mortar).

    Make sure you put at least a 3mil plastic cover on top of the slab for a week, then remove it and let it dry off for another two to three weeks or if you can stick it in a 80 to 100 degrees room for a week or so... then you will be good to go. The high temperature is great for drying out the Portland  cement and excess water. If you decide to go with this option, make sure you mix the sand, Portland, lime first thoroughly, than add the clay.

  5. foamheart

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    I would suggest you send Wes W a /PM, he has a beautiful brick smoker that he really uses a lot. Heres a link.

    Maybe Wes could help you. Not doubting any ones abilities, there are so many varied folks here who can help. I just know that Wes W answered a load of questions.

    I love the look of your BBQ/smoker nice and clean lines.
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  6. thehairyhobo

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    Hey, thanks for the info and compliments!!

    I got the handles off ebay, they are AGA cooker handles, but its someone selling them in the UK and they are dead stock. As im in the UK it really does suck for things like this, but i could find loads of places in America which make these sort of handles for BBQ's.

    The doors are just 3mm sheet steel cut down. The frames were all cut for me as well and then a friend of a friend welded them together. The hinges were just from a local DIY shop (gate hinges). I then threaded the metal and screwed in all the bolts.

    I wish i made the smoker door a little bit smaller but too late now.

    The grills were off ebay too, a UK company selling "factory 2nd" grills (which meant they had welded some bits wonky) but it was the only grills i could find that were cheap enough for the grilling area (1000x700mm or there abouts). I did want some of that diamond mesh steel, which to my annoyance my old man told me after he could get, doh. So i have 3 smoker shelves cut out of it, these are stupidly big as well.. 600 x 750mm.

    If you google brick smoker, your come across a instructables guide which i have pretty much copied. But used different blocks as im in a different country. Also i used bricks around it as they were cheaper than brick slips.

    If you think sand and cement will take up to 500 degrees i think i'll risk it (whats the worst that can happen, haha) but also just put some steel or aluminum lining in to catch any flakey/dusty bits falling down. I'll be sticking a chimney on as well.

    I think i came across Wes's build via youtube, bloody huge impressive build that. I did think about building the roof in a similar fashion but i dont i want to spend lots more cash on the bricks.

    Hopefully i'll finish the smoker today and i'll have months of meating good times :)

    I'll take a photo of the other bits once its finished. With the handles/latches we made something similar to a woodburner latch, but on the bottom door it is a double latch so the door can lock slightly open to let some air swoosh in to help with the fire or move the smoke about.
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  7. saovicente

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    I appreciate the info. I have looked up the name but so far I have been unable to locate the product, but onwards until I find it.

    Thanks again.


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