BB Ribs and Pork Burnt Ends - q-view

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    Hello Folks,

    Decided to do some ribs and burnt ends for Not-A-Father's Day (in my case) on Sunday on the homemade UDS. Happy late Father's Day to all of you dads out there!

    I rubbed the ribs and CSRs down with mustard and plowboys yardbird rub.

    Then into My Boy Blue at 225.

    CSRs off at 180 and cubed, tossed in blues hog, more rub and back on for another hour.

    Burnt ends don't and ready to eat.

    Finally the baby backs off after 4 hrs. I used blues hog/sweet sauce o mine mixed. Everything turned out great! Ribs were a bit more tender than I prefer but still good. I forgot to take cut up pictures but I will next time! Thanks for lookin!

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