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  1. I'm looking at plans for a smoker and the plan calls for "bar grating" that's framed by angle steel.  Anyone know where I could find this (or something heavier) for both the cooking grill and the coal grill?  I've looked at the kind of industrial grating used as walk ways in factories, etc., but it seems difficult to get it cut to size.  The coal grill can be placed higher for searing and grilling, as well.



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    Why not use heavy gauge expanded metal? Maybe 9 ga or bigger?
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    It looks like a expanded material to me from what I can see in the picture. I would try mcmastercarr at this link.   This is at the expanded section. Many sizes and even in stainless steel. You can cut the material with grinder, cut with the edge of the wheel. Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks guys - I appreciate the responses.  The owner says that the bbq is designed for "direct heat" bbq as they do it in North Carolina.  However, "direct heat" can mean different things depending on how far the meat is from the food source, and you can always use a baffle and a water pan to control the heat.  My main concern is for when I'm grilling steak as I like to start on the hot end of the scale and then taper down after I've achieved my sear and char marks. I like this design for this reason because I can raise and lower the coal grate level depending on my needs, and the cooking grate is large enough to move a lot of things to the sides if necessary.

    How long would 9 gauge expanded steel last if I used one sheet to support the coals and another to grill/bbq?   Obviously heat on the bottom grill would be pretty hot as I'd shovel wood coals directly on the material; the heat on the top grill would vary from 200 - 600 degrees, depending on whether I was bbqing or grilling.

    Great site - I've already learned a lot.  I've almost gotten all of the hardware that I need for my UDS build that I'll start this winter.  This pit build is for a couple of years from now when I relocate.


  5. Find a local fabrication shop, the charge will most likely be time plus material, most have a 1 hour min of 50-75 per hour. I'm not grasping what size your material is, or what you have.

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    Expanded metal can be bought at a steel supply store as well and probably a bit cheaper.  It can be easily cut with a circular saw fitted with an abrasive cut off wheel.  I use 3/4 x 9 for all my pit building needs for food surfaces, but I would recommend as stated earlier something heavier if you'll be putting coals on it, this gauge will last for awhile, but it does start to curl up and get thin pretty quick.
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    If you've got a torch, I'd just rough cut it with that, and then use the grinder with a thin cut off wheel to get it correct. If you have a porta-band, you can trim it up with that too. The other option would be some sort of chop saw blade on a circular saw, but that makes my ears ring just to think about doing.

    I'm using it as my fire grate, and it is good stuff. Don't know that I would use it for my cook grate, but that is as much due to cost as anything else, stuff is expensive.

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