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Discussion in 'Pork' started by meatnbeer, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Good evening all,

    It's been a long time since I have posted some Qview (and smoked a butt), so I figured since I am in for the long haul tonight, I might as well go for it.

    Sunday is my second son's baptism so I decided to do a couple of butts for the lunch afterwords.

    Starting with 2 butts totaling 18lbs


    My father-in-law is on a salt restricted diet, so I rubbed one normally with a rub from a local establishment and created a salt free rub for the second one.  The salt free one consists of smoked paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, ground cumin, black pepper, chinese five spice, brown sugar, and white sugar.  The salt free one is on the right below.  Really curious how that one is going to turn out with the five spice and sugar.  Will have to keep a close eye on it to make sure the sugar doesn't burn.


    They hit the smoker at 7:00 tonight.  Smoking with a 50/50 mix of hickory and apple.  Temp is holding steady at 240.


    Made sure to put the salt free one on top so I don't add unwanted salt to it.  Temp right now is sitting at 142.  I am thinking that I may be up against the bone and will need to adjust the thermometer.  Seems higher than it should be after only 5 hours.  If not, the stall isn't far away, hopefully it isn't a long one.  Rented a movie to get thru some of the night.  More updates later.  Also working on a batch of Venison kielbasa and low sodium kielbasa at the same time, so I will be busy.....
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  2. sprky

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    [​IMG]  so far, sounds like you will have a busy night. Nice probe holder great use of a hole saw plug. 
  3. Ha!  You identified it as a hole saw plug!  That's funny.  As soon as I cut the hole and looked down I said "hey!  I can use this!"
  4. smokinal

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    Looks like a great start. How is it doing now?
  5. Things are going fast.  Stalled out at 165, but it wasn't as long of a stall than I have had in the past.  Currently the temp is at 183.  Man this wireless thermometer is awesome....
  6. Butts made it to 195 in 15.5 hours  Not too bad.  I took them out of the smoker, wrapped in foil, then towels.  They are sittilng in a cooler right now resting.  Unfortuantely, I realized after I wrapped them in foil that I forgot to take a picture of them.[​IMG]   Oh well, they always have to be unwrapped in order to be pulled. 
  7. Finally have a chance to finish my posts....

    First the pictures of the meat after the rest

    Salt free


    Normal rub.


    And finally, pictures of them chopped



    Everything was a hit.  You could tell that the salt free had the chinese 5 spice, but it really worked.  I also made up a batch of salt free bbq sauce.  It actually turned out that I like it as much as some of the store brands. 
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    meatnbeer, those butts look fantastic. Great job, it also sounds like you fixed up some good sauce to go with them.[​IMG]
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    looks good from here

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