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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by txhomebrew, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. Howdy, whenever I light the charcoal grill or offset smoker I want them full so I can "Bank" some food for later. My daughter-in-law was deployed (Army) over Thanksgiving and Christmas so we are having a holiday meal this weekend before they move to Germany. She want's Fried Turkey!  So I will be brineing the bird starting tomorrow. Due to a small single oven the ham has to come outside so I'll do Jeff's, double smoked version with a rum glaze in the offset. I can fit a second Bradley rack inside and with fowl and pork for Saturday wanting to smoke some beef for later. Top Round (London Broil  ) is on sale for $3.99 but I never have much luck banking a meat I left medium rare, reheating always over cooks it. Any ideas for that empty rack? I may just pack some pork roasts in pans and do the Dr.Pepper treatment which has very nice :)

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    FWIW, reheating a meat like a London Broil is easy.  Trick is to start the process on the actual cook.  Take it to rare instead of mid-rare.   To the tune of pulling it off at 120 degrees, rest a bit then right in the fridge.

    To reheat, bring oven to 200 degrees and put the Broil in.  Insert temp probe and pull the broil when it hits 135.   
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    What about jerky, it requires no special handling, its in small pieces so it can be enjoyed slowly or allow her friends to try it, it's light, its easy to stick in your pocket and enjoy anywhere, inexpensive to make..... just a thought.
  4. Thanks!  And as I will be busy frying pulling early is the answer, just used to taking briskets to fall apart 200 :)
  5. I have yet dry out meat on purpose :)  Third bacon was great, Cheeses good, polish sausage, I'm working on!

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