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Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by anthony medves, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. Need some advice on building a custom coal basket and a baffle for my smoker. New to all of this. Just a little advice on materials and where to buy would be greatly appreciated.
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    A lot depends on your tools and capabilities. If you have a welder and an angle grinder or circular saw, a drill, metal cutting shears, etc. I built a charcoal basket for my smoker. I went to Ace Hardware and bought 3/8" expanded metal by the sq.ft. (4 sq.ft. total) 1' X 4'. Using my circular saw and a metal cutting blade, I cut it to a height of 8", bent it square and welded the ends.

    Instead of a baffle, I used a deflector and tuning plates.

  3. As non religious as I am, might be the coolest company ever hahaha.
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    Grill monkey, Where did you get your fire gasket at. ? The stuff I ordered on line was more like fire felt. Like what you would see on the BGE. It was self adhesive on the back but mines already trying to come off.
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    Versachem High-temp silicone black rtv
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    Is the tray under your basket welded on to the basket? If not did you make it or where did you buy it?
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    No, the basket has no bottom and just sits on top of the tray. The tray came with the smoker. I actually rarely use the basket because I almost always use split wood for fuel.

    Here I just added a couple of splits. This is a rib smoke and the temp is around 225 degrees.

    I use about a third of a can of charcoal to get the wood going, then add just enough splits to stay around my target temp.

    There is a lot less ash when using just wood, so the fire breathes better.

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