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Discussion in 'Bacon' started by hbabler, Aug 7, 2015.

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    Hey guys, I am along time lurker and I need some wisdom. I purchased a case of bellies from restaurant depot about a month ago and began the bacon making process. I used Ruhlmans maple cure recipe, and due to some work issues my bacon stayed a little to long in the cure. I have about 20 lbs smoked that came out perfect however the last 15 is in the fridge forming the pellicle and I get a faint smell of yeast or beer when I open the door. The cure was kind of ropey when I pulled it out to rinse, I figure the issue is the relatively high sugar content. Can I save this bacon? I don't think the meat is spoiled but I am at a loss as what to do, rinse it? Dip it in water and vinegar? Toss it? Or something else? Thanks for the help!
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    Rinse it.... dry it to form the pellicle and smoke it.... You are right about the sugar.... yeast was growing in the bucket.....

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