Bacon wrapped chicken breasts & ABT's

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by jrshort4150, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. I'm a rookie smoker doing my 3rd smoke yesterday. I decided on bacon wrapped boneless chicken breasts and the ever popular ABT's. I started with fresh boneless chicken breasts and marinated them in Italian dressing for about 4 hours. I patted the chicken dry with paper towels and applied my homemade rub. The rub consisted of paprika, sea salt, pepper, garlic salt, dry mustard, sugar and being from the eastern shore oh course Old Bay. I then wrapped them in bacon and prepared them to go on the smoker.

    I also was curious and had a craving for ABT's. I see a lot of posts on here so why not. I even used a couple small bell peppers for the people that don't like a lot of heat. I browned some sausage with onion powder and minced garlic. Drained it and let it cool. I added it to a bowl with a block of cream cheese and being the cheese lover, a handfull or two of shredded cheddar. I sliced the jalapenos in half and gutted them. I spooned in the mixture then wrapped them with bacon. 

    I managed to get all the above on my smoker, trust me it was a challenge. I smoked all the above at 250 for 2 hours. I reached internal temp of 165 right at the 2 hour mark. I used my charcoal offset smoker and used cherry chips for extra flavor. 

    Here is the finished product. The chicken was a touch salty probably because of the bacon which I can cut down on the salt next time. But it was moist and flavorful. The jalapenos were awesome. I can see a new addiction coming with those. 
  2. [​IMG]Looks great

    Happy smoken.

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    That all looks good. Now THROW OUT THAT GARLIC SALT! That is the problem with your rub. It is nothing more than a butt load of salt with a relatively small amount of plain old Garlic Powder added for flavor. The kicker is they charge the same as 100% Garlic Powder but with the Salt, is far cheaper to make. Onion Salt is the same deal. Buy Garlic Powder either the sand like Granulated, what I like best, or the flour like finer Powder. This way you have the control over the salt and garlic flavor...JJ

    BTW...If you really want a bigger Garlic punch every time. Buy the Dry Minced Garlic and use a coffee grinder to make it the size you want. Like grinding whole Spices the flavor is more intense...
  4. Thats what I was thing JJ too much salt family. Hey you live and learn and at least everyone liked it. I'm my own worse critic. lol
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    Everything looks mighty tasty from here! 

  6. kathrynn

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    Looks great to me!  I love the granulated garlic.  I buy the big container from Costco.  Can't do much of the salt thing either.

    Good Job!

  7. Looks great!!!
  8. sqwib

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    Looks good to me!

    and great Advice Jimmy.
  9. looks pretty darn good. thanks for sharing.
  10. oldschoolbbq

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    Hello , Shorty. I also agree with JJ ; and avoid ANYTHING that is (fill in the blank)Salt combo. You will see a difference.

    Now , for the Italian Dressing , delicious on most anything and a great Marinade...I love the flavor, however I believe I have found a Contender for the Title...

    The flavor is amazing and a nice soak turns (as it says) anything into a delicious dish.

    I've done Chix and Burgers and have found it fantastic on grilled(marinated) Veggies like Asparagus , Yellow Squash , Zucchini , Potatoes( sliced almost thru and drizzled - Stickleback?)

    and one of my Favs ... Sweet Potatoe slices -marinaded and smoked to tenderness... Yummo!

    Bacon only makes this better...

    Have fun and . . .

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