Bacon: round 2. Dry cured

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  1. THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES!! Had an hour this morning so decided to get half of the fresh bellies I ordered,  curing.

    Going to go with a simple cure, salt, sugars, and curing salt. Additional flavoring may be added prior to smoking.

    The set up.

    First slab, 4.98kg

    Will receive:

    112.5 gr salt

    40 gr dark brown sugar, 40 gr light brown sugar

    12 gr curing salt 6.4% nitrite

    Now the waiting game! Time to get the smoke house all wrapped up!

    Second slab was done the same way. Third slab, I used half and half brown sugar, and pure maple sugar.
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  2. so ms smoker

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      Looks like it is coming together! I will be watching for this one.

  3. bigtrain74

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    Looks good buddy, keep it coming!
  4. red dog

    red dog Smoking Fanatic

    Yes! Looks excellent. How does the maple sugar work for adding maple flavor?
  5. First try in a dry cure, but it was there when I used Pops brine, and substituted half of the brown for maple. A nice maple taste up front, and the sweet/salty/smoky full balanced flavor all the way through.
  6. Looking good ~~ Should try doing full maple sugar and no brown sugar ~~ I find it a better end product

    I do salt and cure with a dusting of spices followed by a dusting of maple sugar ~` leave for one week ... rinse ... dry for a couple of hours then re-dust with maple sugar ~~ leave for one more week then cold smoke

    Subtle flavour of the maple without being sweet
  7. Ok, the rolling update! Got the smoker finished today. Bellies are cured. One is just maple sugar/brown sugar. Number 2 is CBP onion and garlic, just a light dusting, and the third got a little molasses added. All three are in the smoke house right, with a burner running (its -30 C here now with the wind chill) Smoke courteous of the AMNPS, with maple pellets.

    I figure on 6 hours of smoke tonight (its 5:30 pm now) A rest in the cooler tonight, then back in the smoker tomorrow.

    Too dark for photos now, but will provide some tomorrow.
  8. crazymoon

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    Can't wait to see the pics !
  9. Ok, so a couple pictures.

    The necessary salt test taste fry, A tad too salty for me and the missus, so a soak was necessary.

    The smoke house...

    And of course, the smoke house Q-View

    Outside temp this morning is -28C or -18F, smoker is holding 65F with only the center ring of the burner going, at 1/2 value.
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  10. dave from mesa

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    Wow nice smokehouse. Things are looking good.

  11. That smoke house is too pretty to use. Wonderful job.
  12. Thanks guys, I appreciate it!
  13. daveomak

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    Sounds as if you have a smokehouse that works perfectly.... :2thumbs:
  14. a little thin blue smoke :)

  15. Hi Dave, thank you sir. I appreciate the tip. Did you mean weigh the meat, and add salt at an amount equal to 2% the weight of the meat?
  16. All but done. So 5 hours under light smoke yesterday, followed by 14 hours today, this is the result.

    Had to slice off a little and try!!

    So when I cured the bellies, I did use a calculator, and documented the values accurately. I had 2% salt, and 1.5% sugars. After the rinse (probably didn't rinse well enough) I found it salty, so did the missus. So I soaked. Now after smoking, I find the salt ok, maybe a little week. But wouldn't mind a bit sweeter finish, not much mind you. I know, probably over thinking things, after a rest in the cooler, to let the smoke balance, I think this will be really good. Next run, I may go wet brine. The Canadian bacon I did was fantastic. If I can replicate that flavor in bellies, I will be very pleased.

    Thanks for following along, and the encouragement, and tips. This is a great forum, and I am happy to contribute what I can.
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  17. daveomak

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    Yes sir.... 2% W:W is a good starting point... Also, a fry test usually does not give a true indicator of saltiness.... until the meat has "matured/bloomed" most of the salt is still near the surface... If you cut a strip from the end, lots of salt... also, if one spot is salty, that is what you taste buds will taste.. Let the meat rest for days in the refer.... once you figure out is you like 2% or 1.75% or 2.5% salt, you have it made.... Most bacon recipes call for 2.5%, at least the commercial ones I've seen...
  18. lucas p

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    Great looking bacon. Great looking smokehouse. Excellent methods.

    Thanks so much for sharing the details with all of us. I've got bacon curing right now for the first time, and this is a huge help to me. 
  19. Absolutely Beautiful Smokehouse... I know you are proud of this.  It's a True work of art!
  20. Thank you sir, I appreciate it. I am pleased for sure. Just need to build my mesh racks, and install shelf supports.

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