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Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by bdlight4, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. I'm on day 7 of using the buckboard bacon cure on a nice butt. Over the weekend, I thought I would smoke a couple of butts for a get together that is coming up. I had the butt temps to 130 when the MES died! I think the heating element went out. Finished the butts in the oven. They are still good, just not as good as if I could have finished in the smoker. Now for the question--What should I do with the buckboard bacon that is curing? Can I freeze it? I will not be able to replace or repair the MES by the time the bacon is ready for smoke. Thanks for any and all help. Someone please smoke something for me!
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    maybe make yourself some kind of a grate to hold coal and use that in the bottem of your MES and do your bacon that way? a small can with some wood chips in on your coals will give you your smoke.or go buy a ecb at your local hardware store?
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    Refreezing poultry and pork are generally no-nos. You can get away with it when using beef, but it sometimes does funny things to pork, chicken, turkey, etc.
  4. Hey BD. I have a 1500 watt element from an ECB that i can send you. I dont know if it will work in your MES, but if it will you are welcome to it until you can get your element replaced. Let me know!!!

    Cant have that fine bacon sitting around waiting for repairs.
  5. I just got off the phone with Masterbuilt. They are sending me a new smoker! Should have it in 14 days. A co-worker is going to loan me his smoker to finish my bacon. He wants some of my deer sausage in return. Not a bad trade, I guess I could spare a slice or two!! Again thanks for the help and offer of the element.
  6. WOW good deal. Glad it worked out for you! Dont forget to post some pics, I am getting ready to do some buckboard myself.
  7. I have wanted to do pictures in the past, but have no idea how to post them. I'll have to have my daughter show me how. Kids these days know how to do all that kind of stuff.

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