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Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by babyjay, Aug 1, 2010.

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    Hey guys.  I know I don't post too much around here, but I am here just as much as most of you.  Anyway, I have a new rotisserie smoker on order and know when it comes in this week that my Backwoods Chubby will not get the attention and use it deserves. 

    So, as much as I don't want to I am selling it.  I have been smoking most of my life and this is the best smoker I have ever and probably will ever own.

    Here is the text from the Craigslist posting I have for it.

    Backwoods Chubby Smoker for sale....Smoker is just a year old. It has been well taken care of and garage kept the entire time. Never been rained on. Awesome Smoker that produces perfect ribs, butts, briskets, chickens, just consistently produces great meat every time. Well insulated and very easy to maintain temps. Backwoods smokers are water smokers which helps prevent meat from drying out......The water pan in this model smoker is removable. With the water pan taken out and heat diverter put in place, the smoker can be used as grill. The smoker has several upgrades. Only selling because I've purchased a new rotisserie smoker to cook more meat at one time. This smoker is perfect for the backyard, at-home cook who wants to produce perfect meat every time.

    This smoker stands just two-and-a-half feet tall, so when I bought the smoker last July, I also purchased a scissor lift table so I didn't have to keep bending over to check meat. Just being lazy, I guess. Also purchased with the smoker was a BBQ Guru Temp. control fan. The BBQ Guru fan helps maintain the temperature of your smoker. On the control, you set the temperature you want to keep your smoker at and the Guru does the rest. If your temps start to decline, the Guru kicks in and starts the fan which will blow your fire to get the temps back up to your desired level. This BBQ Guru was never taken out of the box. I ordered it with the smoker and realized that with this particular model Backwoods that it wasn't really needed. Once you get this smoker to temp, it will hold and maintain its temps during the entire cook. But, I will have no use for it with my new smoker, so it is included in the sale.

    The entire package includes:

    Backwoods Chubby Smoker
    4 cooking racks
    heat diverter
    scissor lift table
    BBQ Guru DigiII Temperature Control Fan (still new in box)

    Entire setup was purchased last July for $1875. Asking $1200, but am willing to consider trades. I'm open to hearing about anything you may have to trade, but it MUST be worth $1200 and be serious about it. If you're not serious about buying or trading for this smoker, please don't waste your time or mine.

    You can look at this smokers listing on the backwoods website here -

    You can view the craigslist posting here -

    Shoot me an email through the craigslist posting if you have any questions. 
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    Tipton County?  I grew up in Munford..well guess I moved probably when I was 16.  Good luck selling your smoker, looks like a great one!
  3. babyjay

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    Wow - it is a small world....I live in Covington...have my whole life....That's funny....So, how many years have ya been gone?  Things have changed a lot around here just in the last 3 years....
  4. babyjay

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    Thanks everybody...The smoker has been sold...
  5. deannc

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    Congrats!  [​IMG]

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