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  1. So my daughter wanted to help daddy smoke a chicken because hes such a good cook haha. Anyhow i am using the slaughter house recipe for the brine, injection, and the spritz. Big thanks to mballi for pointing me in the right direction. I split spatched my bird just because i saw a guy on youtube do it, but we will see how it turns out. Its been in the fridge for two hours now in the brine, and i am going to let it go for five more. Anyhow i am going to rub it as well but i dont know if i should rub it or inject it first. Also, should i let it set for a few more hours after it has been injected and rubbed? thanks in advance and here are a few pics.
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    So how did things turn out? Did you have any yard bird (chicken) left. I like to smoke chicken myself I have done it both ways. I have always put mine in a brine aswell and then I have injected the chicken and then put the rub on. And sometimes I have just put a rub on. I try to make sure I dont make a hole in the skin when I put the rub on but I have found out the chicken taste better to me if you are able to get the rub under the skin as much as possible..Thanks for the pics
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    Nice work on the chickens.... and glad the little lady already has a taste for the smoke!!
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    cute daughter how did the smoke turn out
  5. thanks guys, i actually just put the bird on the smoker. more pics to come
  6. im having trouble with my fire, i cant seem to get keep it hot enough. I am using royal oak and pecan chunks. i tried using the minion method in a charcoal pan but i couldnt get the temp above 175. then i dumped all the royal oak out of the pan and into the firebox abd threw all the pecan chunks i had on it. i though that would do the trick because i was getting temps of 500 degrees. i got it to the 300 range wehre i wanted it and then it started dropping. now i am having to start a new chimney every 30 minutes just to maintain a temp of 250. well see how it goes
  7. my first whole chicken is complete! I am pleasantly surprised at the outcome, It was the juciest chicken i have ever eaten. When i took out my thermometer probe jucie just kept leaking out. I used the slaughter house brine, injection, and spritz. I rubbed it with a rub from my "bbq bible." it was a little bit too spicy. I will use less paprika next time and i wont put so much rub on them. But all in all i am very pleased. pics are below.

    this is my high performance tempertature controller. the nut on my damper was coming loose and it kept on shutting so i had to wedge it with aluminum haha
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    Nice job on the bird, looks great...[​IMG]
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    Looks real good from here.
    These points are for Daddy's Little Angel ! ----->>[​IMG]

  10. That looks great. What temp did you pull the chicken?
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    really nice looking bird there, love the color you got on the skin. [​IMG]
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    My mouth is watering, excellent job [​IMG]
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    Really glad to see you back! Nice looking bird too! What temp did you cook it to & how long?

    Not sure about your temps?? You got a nice unti there it should hold temps real well? Maybe it was that can in the vent??
  14. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm chicken... looks good [​IMG]
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    That does look really good. Good job there. Nice hat on the little lady! [​IMG]
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    Man oh Man thats some good looking bird there. I'm glad I could help you with the brine but it is a very propular brine here. Now you another smoke under your belt you should be ready another really soon Ha.[​IMG]for one good looking bird.
  17. I can only speak for myself, but chicken is very hard to do right for me. I can get the meat right & juicy but the skin gives me fits. I understand it takes heat to have crispy skin & smoking is low heat...just hate "rubber skin"............
    Wonderful looking bird.
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    Smoke #2 looks great, I'd hit that. [​IMG]
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    Looks great. time to butcher a couple chickens i think
  20. thanks everyone! im ready to do it again. Towards the end of the smoke i had to run to wal mart and get some hickory chunks. when i put the chunks on the temp shot right back to where i wanted it. I guess im having problems with the fire because the firebox is pretty big and my chimney just cant put in the amount of fuel that it needs to get to temperature. Next time i will go back to using logs. the only reason i didnt use logs this time is because it produced white smoke when i put new logs on the fire. What is the best way to keep this from happening? Anyhow i cooked it to 165 in the breast and spritzed it every 45 minutes. I then foiled it and let it rest for 30 min and then ate. As soon as i get my fire situation figured out, i am going to do a couple of slabs. I cant wait. Thanks again guys on the chicken and my little one!

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