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  1. Two days ago I bought an ECB Gourmet. (the same model that blackhawk bought) I finally had some time off school and a little bit of down time so I made my mods today. I have some pics that I want to share wit you guys real quick.

    Okay, first I decided to add a second thermometer, one that actually has numbers.

    Next I decided to rig a sort of intake vent. There is a hole at the bottom of the charcoal box, but I'm not sure yet if this will let too much or not enough air in yet. So I decided to put something at the bottom to at least allow me the option to regulate it. haha, So yeah.. i used a top of a tuna can!!

    Now I wanted grate to allow the charcoals to set a little higher and help the air flow. I had an old mini grill that was left outside and rusted over and was never going to be used again. So i borrowed the charcoal grate from that.

    Lastly, I wanted a way for the smoke to escape at the top. I used the vent from that old grill and put it on the new ECB. I used a jig saw and drill to cut holes in the top...

    So thats it. Tomorrow my only class is canceled so I'm going to cure the smoker tomorrow and tinker with the mods. With any luck I will be starting out with something small for the first time with my new ECB.

    Any suggestions on what I should start with, being a newbie and all?

    thanks for reading and checking out the pics.
  2. on more thing, I want to thank everybody that put up pics before me to give me an idea of what to do. and thanks to blackhawk for letting me know exactly what he did so i can steal his idea and make it my own.
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    Nice job! Be careful with that tuna can lid it looks sharp! Enjoy the day tomorrow.
  4. haha, will do.

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