Babybacks on a Weber kettler with a Pitmaster stoker

Discussion in 'Pork' started by bama bbq, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. Started our Sunday football ribs at 0730 on the Weber kettler with a Pitmaster:

    Prepped the babybacks



    Then prepped the grill:


    Then sat back and let the Pitmaster do its thing:


  2. jrod62

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    ribs looks good.

    At first wasn't sure what you had hook up to your smoker.

    let us know how good it works for you.
  3. I have the Pitmaster iQ 110 and a Maverick hooked up.  Here's how they look at 3 hrs as I start the wrap.

  4. smokinal

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    You have a probe in the ribs?

    What temp do you take them to?
  5. I had a probe in them to begin with (120 in the photo at the time), but when I put them in foil (3-2-1 method) I removed it.  Temp was reading 150 when I wrapped them.  I heard somewhere to take them to 170, but I am going with 3-2-1 (15 more minutes until I remove them from the foil wrap for the last hour).  I'll then test for loose bone, bend/crack test, etc. before I declare chow time.  Of course beer and football has already begun so a shrimp ring will hold us until the ribs and baked sweet potatoes are done.
  6. Here they are just prior to the wrap after 3 hrs on the rack:


    ...and after two hrs in the foil  (total 5 hrs at this point):



    I noticed that when I open the kettle, the temp bottoms out (because of all the free air to the temp bulb I guess), then when I put the lid on the temp screams up to about 240 (due to all the oxygen to the fire I guess). ...then within minutes is back to a nice low 225 plus or minute 5 deg or so. This is with the top vents maybe open to 1/4" or so and the bottom paddles completely closed except for the stoker adapter.  I think I have enough fuel for at least two or three more hours at 225 with this setup. Maybe enough for a butt, but if not I can easily add more fuel thru the flip top grate.
  7. beginner

    beginner Newbie

    So, tell me how the Pitmaster iq120 worked?

    I am a beginning smoker. Love the finished product, but was a little surprised on how labor intensive it is to smoke. Keeping the temp at 225 for 6 - 7 hours for ribs requires constant attention.

    I am looking for someway to keep the temp constant without having to sit next to the smoker oopeing and closing vents.

    So, does the Pitmaster work well, or is it just a waste of time?

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