Baby Back Ribs

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    Started with three slabs rubbed with olive oil and what I had left of Famous Daves rib rub and BKW Barbecue Rub (

    Let them sit overnight so I wasn't messing with them Sunday morning. Set my MES for 220° and loaded the smoker attachment with cherry wood. This is after 4 hours:

    I slipped some Bush's Grilling Beans at the bottom to catch all the drippings. I started a apple cider vinegar/olive oil baste at about 4.5 hours and let the ribs ride untouched otherwise for about 6.5 hours:

    I pulled them and wrapped in foil, since I wasn't eating for a while. Delivered a rack to my granddad and my wife had a few bones about 2.5 hours after they were pulled, and they fell completely off the bone.

    All in all, great ribs for my first stab. The sweet nectar of rib meat made some great beans too.

  2. Looks like some great ribs to me  [​IMG]

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