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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by yat-yas, Jul 29, 2016.

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    I use an electric smoker. I found a good deal on it and i am fairly new at this.
    With the element heating up and shutting off how do you get the temp you want?
    Do you just average it out from your hi and lo temps and go off that?
    So if i wanted a temp of 240. I should would want something like a hi of 250 and a lo of 230?
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    Yep...There will be swings, especially in the beginning. Some guys adjust for them but this ain't Baking a Cake. As long as your average is in the right neighborhood, the meat will turnout fine...JJ
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    Thanks! I have been wondering about this for awhile.
  4. I have a lot less temp swings using advice I found here. I pre-heat the box (MES40 Gen 2.5) by setting the temp to 235 if I want to cook at 250. When it gets there and turns off then let it coast up to 250+. Then reset the thermostat to 250. Insert the meat quickly and watch it come on but it will not have the wild initial swings that it would otherwise. Mine settles down within 30 minutes and stays +- 5°.  
  5. yat-yas

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    I am using a smoke hollow. The temps seem to be all over the place with this one. I get it set finally then open the smoker for more wood and water. Then it takes me about 30 mins to get my temps back where I want them by constantly having to adjust the thermostat.
    I have been thinking of buying a gas smoker. Do they hold temps better?
  6. I have had a Smoke-it #2 electric for several years, excellent unit in my opinion.  I would recommend it to anyone who wants a set it and forget it smoker. It is so stupid simple to put out a great product, I almost feel like I am cheating.  Mine has the original on off temp sensor/control like an oven.  I checked it a few times to make sure the dial was close to the average temp reading when I first got it, now I just leave the dial set to 225 where I smoke everything.  I put a couple wood chunks in, put the meat in, close the door, and plug it in.  I take the meat it out when the IT meat temp beeper goes off.  Simple. 

    Some people smoke at 225, some at 240 some at 300 and their end product comes out nice.  Why would a swing from 220 to 230 50 times during a smoke every 15 minutes or so make a difference?  Never figured out why people are concerned about that.  Plus or minus 10 -15 swings are closer than I can keep my charcoal/wood temp during a long smoke. So what, just my opinion.

    Just my opinion, hope it will work for you also.

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