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    I live in the Austin/Round Rock area, and I am looking for a place to buy quality cuts of meat (ribs, chicken, briskets, pork butts, etc.). Are there any meat markets or butcher shops that anyone can recommend? I would rather not have to go to HEB and purchase meat vacuum packed in salty solutions.
  2. Howdy Learnin2, Austin has several quality meat markets, but be prepared to pay through the nose for their items. There is Johnny G's Butcher Block on Manchanga Rd, south side of town, also John Mueller's Meat Market 2500 E. 6th St. also Richardson Farms in Rockdale specializing in grass fed and hormone free beef and chickens to name a few. I'm sure that there are others in the area that could be easily found.

    Also HEB over here by Houston, have finally started selling Prime grade briskets along with their Choice grade briskets, and the Sanderson Farm whole chickens, all of which are not pumped or enhanced with preservatives. There should also be a Costco or Sam's in your area that sells quality meats also. Good luck with your search and keep seeking the truth in the thin blue smoke.
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    Thanks for the reply Bad Santa!!
  4. Hello, also from Austin,

    There is a great meat market in Hudson Bend, called Hudson Bend Meat Market, on Hudson Bend road. Should be easy to remember..... The crown roast in my avatar came from there and it was perfect and inexpensive.

    For specialty items like stuffed pork chops or cajun, check out Stuffed on 620 just west of lakeline mall.


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