Attempt at Caribbean pork tenderloins

Discussion in 'Pork' started by gruelurks, May 2, 2009.

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    I had a 5 lb tenderloin in my freezer that I originally intended to make fried pork tenderloin sandwiches out of, but the new smoker got in the way of those plans. I cut it in half to make two small roasts, and dry rubbed it with a bottle of Caribbean Jerk seasoning from McCormick's. After letting it sit for a couple hours, I tossed them in freezer bags with a bottle each of KC Masterpiece Caribbean Jerk Marinade overnight. The next day I smoked them with cherry wood for about 2.5 at 225 hours until they reached 155, then pulled them to sit for a 1/2 hour on the counter in a foil tent.

    While they were still tender on the inside, the flavor didn't really penetrate the meat as much as I had hoped, and they looked far better than they tasted. Perhaps if I had made some dipping sauce for the side it might have been better. Or even using pork butt instead of loin.
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    The great thing about smoking is that you can do it time and time again. You gaun experience from them all. Tweek things each time and you'll get it. Beer is highly recommended for best results.
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    They do look and sound tasty! I've never tried that type of marinade, but you would think that overnight would have been plenty to flavor the meat. Guess it depends on the thickness?
    Sure looks good though.
  4. gruelurks

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    Beer certainly does help. Tonight it was a few Heavy Seas - Loose Cannon triple hopped ales. :)

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