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Discussion in 'Woods for Smoking' started by iamaxxer, Apr 4, 2011.

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    I have the chance to go to a local orchard that has done it's spring prunning... I will be getting a truck load of both pear and apple wood.. Now my question... curing the wood for a year better prior to chipping or after?.... I asume prior to chipping but it would be alot easier to store and keep clean after chipping...whats your thoughts?
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    Personally, I try not to chip as I prefer the larger chunks for less chance of flaming.  Small limbs I usually cut to 12 inches in length and bundle together with some string and let dry that way.  Larger, well that's still 12 to 24 inches, stacked loosely with good air circulation, outta the weather (no rain or snow).  A year is a good time.  It's all useful, even the smallest branches will make smoke.  If you chip, you're going to have to spread the chips out so each piece gets a chance to dry out.  If you've ever seen a large chip pile near lumber mills, you'll know why.  Under the right conditions, they can catch fire from the heat buildup.  Chip after they're dry.  Course that's just my .02 cents worth.

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