Anyone own a SNP and smoke without MODS?

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by severeidaho, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. Figured I would ask this in a new thread. I have been doing research on Mods for the SNP and find that around 80% of the mods require tools that I dont have, such as metal working machines.

    Is there anyone that hasnt added any Mods and gets away with great smoking results? I do plan on buying a charcoal basket and adding the Temp gauges and Temp probe for the meat since they are readily available. I just find all the other mods like the baffle, heat plates to be too much work for a guy like me, unless a company made these already, then I could simply purchase and set inside.

    The previous owner of the SNP I now own has mentioned to me several times that he never had problems with any of the meat he smoked. But I also dont think that he was into smoking big briskets or any big meat like I plan to do.

    I have yet to fire up the SNp and just try it, but I felt I would ask incase there are any people here that dont use mods and have advice. Its a different level for me and I need all the input I can get. =)

  2. garyt

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    check this out, scroll down and watch the mods video,my buddy bought one and we did these, made a heck of a difference
  3. daboys

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    You really should have a baffle in there. Your firebox side will just be too hot. Some have just used the charcoal tray on the bottom, turn it over, and lift the one end all the way up. It will cover the top of your firebox hole and help distribute the heat better. No tools required. Then latter you can always add the baffle and plates.
  4. low&slow

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    Yep, thats all I did to mine. Works great too. I just put my brisket on the side furthest from the fire box. Or if Im doing chicken I put it on the side closest to the fire box. Plus I rolled a piece of metal and stuck it in the bottom of the smoke stack. Helps draw the air a little better.
    Ive seen some people wrap the grate closest to the firebox with alum foil to act as a baffle too. But I dont do that.

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