Anyone not do 3-2-1 ribs?

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  1. I had a Bradley electric smoker for 4 years.  Seemed like the 3-2-1 method was the way to go.  Over a year ago I decided to trade up to the GOSM.  Needed something with more room and better heating source.  It seems when I do 3-2-1, I cant even get the ribs out of the foil without them just falling apart on me.  So, I went with more of a 3.5-1.5-1 approach the last 2 times and they still fall apart after coming out of the foil.  I might try 4-1-1 next time.  Also, I do add a splash of apple juice in the foil. Maybe I should try eliminating that?

    But, I wanted to know if anyone doesn't even foil their ribs at all and what their experiences have been.  Do I then need to mop or spray to keep them moist if I'm not foiling?

    Here's a pic of one of the racks that stayed together for me yesterday.  

    The taste is great, love my rub, my sauce and the amount of smoke.  I just like my ribs to fight a little with me and not just submit so much.  Of course the Mrs. likes them falling apart.  So, I always tell her then you can cook them!  [​IMG]   I call chef's choice!
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    Happy wife, happy life... just saying.. [​IMG]

    I don't wrap my ribs at all. I also don't spritz.

    Fire up the pit

    Remove the membrane

    Rub them down

    Onto the pit till done.

    If the wifey likes them more done - wrap a rack for her.
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    I smoke mine about 4 hours then mop them with sauce and then it takes about an hour or 2 more to get a temp of about 170 checked with an instant read thermometer. I mostly do beef ribs and use cherry wood and glaze with a tart cherry based BBQ sauce that I make. They never fall apart and never are dry.
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    I've only used the 3-2-1 2-2-1 methods a few times. I usually just season with SPOG and smoke them naked!

    I will admit though that using the 3-2-1 method for BSR's (especially big meaty ones) is the way to go. Those Dino bones really benefit from the braising time in the foil.
  5. Awesome!  I will go with rub and smoke only next time.  No foil!!!  But, I will wrap one for the Mrs!  I agree, happy wife, happy life!!!  [​IMG]

    That gives me another reason to smoke some more stuff.  I've never done beef ribs in my several years of smoking!

    I do however have 2 pieces of 2 and 3 bone prime rib left over from a big slab I bought at Christmas.  That would be perfect for BBQ!
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