Anyone have a recipe for polish sausage for a first timer?

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  1.   I have learned alot from this site, I have mastered  ribs, chicken, brisket(sort of), pork butt, bacon and jerky.  Now Im craving something new to try.  I want to try some polish sausage.  I have a kitchenaid mixer and Im getting the meat grinder and sausage stuffer attachments soon.  What about brats, I like those too.  Is that a "sausage"?
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    I made several batches of these and really liked it. The recipe I have is

    3 lbs trimmed venison (grinder size hunks)

    2 lbs pork butt (grinder size hunks)

    2 TBS garlic powder

    2 TBS kosher salt

    2 TBS sugar

    1TBS fine ground black pepper

    2 TBS papricka

    1 teaspoon dried marjoram

    1teaspoon mace

    1 teaspoon celery seed

    1 teaspoon #1 cure (prague powder or Instacure)

    1 cup ice water (optional)

    The 2lbs of ground pork butt was originally all pork fat. I'm trying to head off the doc so I used all pork butt which is 80/20.

    I don't eat diet anything and using pork butt instead of pure fat still tastes great.

    I would take Martin up on his brat recipe, it is a classic!
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    Save yourself some headache.......I wouldnt bother with the stuffer attachments for the grinder. I would get a dedicated stuffer....  64.95   heres the link

    The johnsonvill brats you buy in the store are fresh sausages (without cure). Hillshire farms smoked sausages are ready to eat (with cure)

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    ... [​IMG]  .....  boykjo has given you probably the best advice you will ever hear......  
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    Boykjo has it right, I have the Kitchen Aid and the grinder and stuffer tubes. The tubes are cheap and don't work well. I tried a horn type stuffer that worked OK on summer sausage but when I tried to stuff small casings for breakfast sausage, I had more blow by the piston than went into the casings.

    I got the Grizzly stuffer and it is a joy to use compared to the others. It works. The price is right (I paid $5 more for mine.)

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      The few stuffer attachements that I have tried seem to not be worth the effort. If you intend to make your own sausage/brats, I would get a dedicated stuffer. Keep in mind that 'smoked sausage' and 'brats' are not the same. For safety, please do a little research. ( Or just ask Boykjo!)

  8. It's $84.95 now.
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    Here is my Kielbasa recipe along with step by step instructions

    If you want to try brats this is my recipe:
    Beer Bratwurst
    Pork Shoulder1000 0
    Mustard 0.750.00
    Grind pork through 3/8th die---Add spices -mix throughly.  When ready to stuff add beer and mix until sticky.  Stuff, cook and you are ready to eat.  
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    That's the best price around for a good stuffer....  If you get it, be sure to lube the o-ring (crisco) and SS stuffing chamber with spray veggie oil...  also order a couple extra o-ring just to have them around .... only $1 each and worth it....

    As with any stuffer, do not bottom out the plunger and keep turning.... stuff will break....    

  11. Good tips Dave.

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