Anyone ever use a ronco?

Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by theblaz, Nov 7, 2015.

  1. theblaz

    theblaz Newbie

    Long story short, i got a free one, never used it fue to bad reviews ive read, but i have 10lbs of thinly sliced top round i need to turn into jerky.

    Im using my oven as i normally do, but i wont have time to do all of it in there. The meat is maybe 1/8 inch thick, because apparently when i said "No, thats too thin" to the butcher, he heard "Please make it so thin you can practically see through the meat."

    Anyway, so much for a short story. Anything i should watch out for while i use this ronco dehydrator?
  2. floridasteve

    floridasteve Smoking Fanatic

    Did it come with the pocket fisherman?
  3. theblaz

    theblaz Newbie

    Came with a weird looking pump-thing and some jerky marinade that smelled like death and shame.
  4. Sounds like another quality product from Ronco. [​IMG]

    I think I would try a sliced apple or something cheaper than a batch of jerky as a test run.
  5. theblaz

    theblaz Newbie

    Yeah, that was my original plan.
  6. theblaz

    theblaz Newbie

    Man, the jerky tastes like dried meat and nothing else. Damn butcher, slices are too thin to absorb anything.

    Guess its time to experiment with other spices and maybe basting.
  7. chef jimmyj

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    Shame the meat was so thin but a good lesson learned. I Can't speak on the Dehydrator but I have a 20 year old Ronco Compact Rotisserie that makes some Great Chicken, up to 8lbs. I would buy the PRO size unit if they still made them. Would be nice for Turkey...JJ
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  8. theblaz

    theblaz Newbie

    Quick follow up.

    I ended up using most of the meat in various stir fries and fried rice dishes, since there was so much of it, but i did another couple batches, one with just fresh ground pepper, and the other i basted with a teriyaki / cayenne marinade every 45 minutes or so.

    Both ended up being very tasty, especially the pepper one. And after a couple days, ive even come around to the first batch. The flavir is too mild, but the texture is really nice. Wish i had made more of all three types, i bet it would have sold almost as well as my normal stuff.

    Next stop is getting a grinder and making ground jerky and sticks.
  9. foamheart

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    The Ronco-matic 4000, its slices, dices, stews, lubricates the lawnmower, paints the bald spots on your head (and elsewhere), AND makes perfect jerky every time. Founded and owned by Ron Popeil, its not just his company but he uses the products.

    When he spray painted that bald spot I laughed for days!

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