anyone combining sous vide into their smoking?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by uncle_lar, Apr 24, 2016.

  1. uncle_lar

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    I just got an Anova Sous Vide immersion cooker for my Birthday after a professional Chef friend recommended it.

    I want to tell you! if you want tender! juicy , succulent  entrees this is it!

    would like to hear comments form anyone else that has experience with them. I'm just getting started but will for sure share when I get going with it

    today I will be doing some Sirloins  for my shrimp and Steak kabobs for dinner today..

    More to come
  2. smokinal

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    I'm very interested in sous vide.

    Looking forward to you posts on it.

  3. uncle_lar

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    I had  2 boneless turkey breast in the freezer, that I had  previously cured for turkey pastrami.

    It was seasoned with coriander and black pepper before freezing.

    I sous vide cooked it for 4 hrs  @ 147*yesterday let it cool overnight and sliced this morning.

    melt in your mouth do die for juicy! better than any deli turkey breast I have ever made or bought

    I have one more in the freezer I think I'm going to thaw, give it about an hour of mild mesquite  smoke

    then cook the same way.
  4. barryvabeach

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    I have done a fair amount of playing around with sous vide and smoking, though still not sure there is a perfect method.  36 hours sous vide ribs are unbelievably moist, and much more meat is left then when smoked for 6 hours ( St. Louis Style Cut )  I have rubbed,  smoked  for one hour, then sous vide, with a a little sauce in the bag, by the end of the sous vide, there is plenty of fluid in the bag, and it seems to have washed out the smoke flavor. BTW,  I usually finish in the broiler or with a propane torch.  I have also tried SV first, then smoking, but haven't come up with the exact combination of time and steps to combine the smoky flavor of smoked ribs with the moisture and tenderness of SV.  
  5. wade

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    I have combined both with salmon and also beef but not really with anything else.

    With the salmon I cured and lightly cold smoked the salmon steaks before vac packing and cooking in the sous vide at 50 C (122 F) for 40 minutes. This tasted fine however I actually prefer the texture when cooked at 180 C (350 F) for just 12 minutes. 

    With the beef joint I first rubbed it and vac packed it overnight before sous viding it to 60 C (140 F) for 6 hours. I then  placed it in a hot smoker at 230 C (450 F) with my AMNTS for 15 minutes to harden the surface. This worked very well and the end result was superb.

    If anyone needs some sous vide temperature and time guidelines ChefSteps has a great quick guide.
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  6. idahopz

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    I use the Anova also, and find it ideal to have meats cooked to perfection no matter if you or your guests are running late.  I have not tried smoking the meat yet because I use it mostly for steaks.  A couple of tricks I use are to pre-warm the water in the pot to within 5 degrees of what I want it to be, then turn on the Anova.  Saves a ton of time with water warm up. Second, to completely prevent water loss for my 2-4 hour cooks, I just wrap foil around the top of the pot - not the prettiest, but it works great.

    The beauty of sous vide for me is that I can start my steaks at 3 pm for a 5pm planned dinner time, and if the guests are even a hours late, the meat will stay perfectly cooked in the water bath, and will not ever be overdone. When ready, a minute or two on the sear grill and it is ready to serve.

    I personally have always had a bit of a problem cooking the steaks properly, and sous vide makes it so simple even I can achieve good results.  The only problem is that everyone's steaks are done to the same level.  We also take our Anova in the RV
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  7. uncle_lar

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    I did some leg thigh chicken quarters last weekend. sous vide for 2 hour at 150* then finished on the grill. some of the best BBQ  chix  I ever cooked
  8. I've been using sous vide since 2008, but never crossed it with smoking... Interesting.

    For anyone new to SV, I highly recommend pork, chicken breast, and salmon in sous vide.
  9. I have done sous vide fried chicken. Best fried chicken I've made.
  10. blaken

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    I have smoked pork belly for a couple of hours and then SVed it the rest of the way.  I use it in chilli and it's great.  After the SV I strip it and pan fry to get it crispy.
  11. I use my Anova all the time. If you want to try something good, buy a piece of top round, the stores sell it as London Broil, in the Anova. I marinate the meat overnight in a mixture of Teriyaki sauce, garlic and some oil. I then remove it, dry it off and seal it in a food bag. I run the meat for about 8 hrs at 130° and then pull it and sear on a 600°+ grill for 45 seconds, turn 90° for another 45 seconds and then flip it over and repeat the process. The meat come out perfect med rare and the Sous Vide makes the tough top round as tender as good rib eye. Give it a try sometime. 
  12. jirod

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    Working on figuring out brisket flats doing both now.  Last one I did I sous vide at 142 for about 24 hours, then smoked at 225 for about 2 hours.  Still very tender and juicy, was a little bland.  Think I accidently grabbed a Select chunk of brisket, plus I under-seasoned befroe sous vide a little.

    Really like chicken in sous vide, less chance of over cooking (I don't go real low, still like 155-160 then finish sear), but haven't smoked chicken after sous vide yet.
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  13. Looks like I'm crossing sous vide and smoking by accident today. Smoked a couple turkey legs last night with a few other things, and pulled them a little too early. They got a couple hours in the PBC, but are still pretty tough. So this morning popped them in a bag and set the sous vide for 170. Will let them cook there for 5-6 hours, should get them nice and tender. Will report back.
  14. If you really like chicken sous vide, I cannot recommend highly enough doing breast at 145. Under that and it gets a weird spongy texture, but 145 chicken breast is sublime. Same with pork chops.
  15. johnmeyer

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    I built my own sous vide machine and the 145 degree chicken breast was one of several things I tried. I completely agree with everything Fire Me said: the result of cooking chicken at this low temperature really is sublime.

    I have also done steaks a few times, and the doneness and texture is awesome. The only issue is that you need to develop a really good technique for quickly searing the steak after it has finished its main cooking. I find a really hot cast iron skillet works the best for me.

    If you are looking for a really interesting post here in these forums about combining sous vide with smoking, then click on this link to go to a post about doing the ultimate hamburger. I think this is exactly the kind of thing you are asking about:

    Sous vide smoked burgers
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    Yes, I have combined the two. I'll look for some of my older posts and check back
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    Sous Vide Temperature Controller



    Polyscience Sous Vide Professional Immersion Circulator Clone

    Build Here.


    Sous Vide - Smoked London Broil and Chuck Steak





    Mad Hunky Sous Vide, Smoked, Fried hot Whangs.



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    I'm not sure I understand the question.
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