Any substitutions for brisket?

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  1. We love brisket & burnt ends but I can't find a fresh brisket anywhere! All my local store has is corned beef brisket. Any other cuts that will cook up similarly?
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    No substitute for brisket point for dedicated double-smoked BEs, IMHO...the texture and flavor just can't be reproduced with anything but the real deal. You may need to try one of the big-box stores to find brisket in some areas. Don't feel son was looking for brisket earlier today...$12 for trimmed flats...the piece he looked at was $ packers...that's way above and beyond unrealistic pricing...that's just plain old rape without lube. I have a tried-and-true method for lean trimmed, but for $12/lb and no point for BEs it's just not worth it. So, no brisket for the 4th here (I have another plan already, of course).

    As for a substitute, I really can't even think of a remote possibility...others have asked if beef chuck would work...I don't see it happening. I'd hate to steer you wrong and and have you suffer the disappointing results. I'd save the BEs for when you can do them the way it works for you with a cut of beef that you know yields good results. That's just one experiment that I don't want to try, especially when I'd be counting on it to work.

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    Try a chuck roast
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    No. Plain and simple. 

    If you do the corned beef brisket it's basically pastrami.

    Brisket is Brisket. Can you order fresh brisket? Smoked other meat is other meat.
  5. Chuck Arm Roasts smokes really well.  I've tried 2 of them. 

    My first one was not done enough, lots of rubberized fat.  I ended up pulling the meat from the fat like they were porcupine quills.

    The second one was pulled at 207F, rested for 2 hours, and it was great.
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  7. Move to Texas. It's your only real option.
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    Don't know if you can find it, but the beef plate section is right next to the brisket:

    IMPS - Institutional Meat Purchase Specifications

    Check with meat wholesalers, the IMPS No. is 122 - Full Plate, or 121A-121F, variations thereof.

    Likewise, Brisket and all its variations are 118 - 120C

    Complete IMPS PDF guide:

    Hope this helps!

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