Any reason not to ferment snack sticks?

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by donr, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. donr

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    I'm going to get some Bactoferm F-LC to ferment some summer sausage.  I'm going to be making some snack sticks as well.  Any reason not to ferment some of the sticks to compare to the non-fermented?  Just to try something a little different?


  2. daveomak

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    This is totally a guess..... 

    Because of the small diameter of the stick, it will dehydrate too fast...  before the cure #2 and the culture have an opportunity to work properly...  Fermenting takes a lot of time for the necessary bacteria to grow and acidify the meat...  usually at least 3 weeks...   If the moisture content drops below the required range, all fermentation will stop and the bacteria will die.....
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  4. daveomak

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    You are mixing 2 or 3 methods which is dangerous...    You can NOT cure meat at 80-110 degrees with cure #1...   You need to find a reputable recipe for fermenting sausage...   Below is a text..  it is not a recipe, it is a generalization...
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    I now get what you're saying about curing. I was going by this summer sausage recipe.
    Marianski- The art of making fermented sausage.
    Summer Sausage
    cure #1
    F-LC culture
    mix all ingriedients & stuff
    Ferment at 86 deg. F/90-85% RH for 24 hours.
    Then start smoking under certain conditioning.
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    If the "tang" is all your looking for, try ECA. I've used Bactoferm F-LC several times but it won't give you that tang your looking for. Grind your meat, mix add ECA, stuff and smoke. Works perfect everytime. 
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  7. daveomak

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    My mistake.....  When I think of fermented sausage, I think of a product that is eaten uncooked and can hang in the cellar for years without refrigeration... 

    I read up on that SS recipe in my Marianski book...   I now see I misunderstood the terminology he uses...   Cooking SS to 150 ish or whatever and smoking it, doesn't fit into what I think of, when thinking "fermented SS"...   Now the SS has to be refrigerated to keep it from spoiling...

    Stayhot has a great point...  If you want the "tang", ECA is a great product...   just don't run it through the grinder...

    Anyway, enough of my ignorance...  Go for it...    Do the snack sticks too....  It will be interesting, the final flavors and how it all comes together..

    Dave, sometimes really stupid Dave.....
  8. donr

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    Not to worry Dave.  I too typically think of fermented sausage as a full dried product.  Reading the Marianski book I discovered the term Semi-Dry.

    I'm planning on making 2 batches of each, (1) with Bacto-Ferm, (1) without.  Maybe I'll try some ECA as well.  

    Will post results when it happens.

  9. canuhover

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    Your probably done with this project so this may be to late.....I made some sticks out of Marianski's Lebanon Bologna recipe and they turned out great.  I used them as testers for the drying/curing bologna.  Next time I may do half the recipe in sticks.  
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