Any one else have issues with chicken coming out dry

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by purplestarrider, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. I have now done my second smoke with whole chickens that were cut in 1/2. My first time they had brined for a day & 1/2 it was ok. but it had a "dry" texture. That was a month or so ago. yesterday one of my husbands customers game then a case of kosher chickens that were havled so i brought a bounch home to smoke for them to have. It was the same way. I didn't get a chance to brine this group.

    So what i dont get is i do whole chickens every weekend and they are always very moist. any thoughts or suggestions?
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    I have never had one dry. but I spatchcock all of my whole chickens.  I would assume that a halved chicken would be about the same deal.  I smoke mine between 230-275 depending on what else I'm smoking at the time.  I only ever use EVOO and salt/pepper (or a rub).  I brined chicken once and didn't notice a difference so I always skip the brine.

    A bit more info may be helpful.  How long are you smoking (to what final temp) and at what temp?  I take mine to 167 and not a degree higher then wrap in foil and put in a cold oven or a cooler.  The final temp would be in the 172-173ish range I would assume.
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  3. I always do my chickens whole. Someone suggested that i cut thing in 1/2's so i tried one and didn't like how it turned out. and then of course i had no say in the ones that were given to me. I usually smoke at 230-250 and it is until the internal temp is good for the chicken. I actually do a couple degrees before and take them out and cover with foil until for abotu 30 min. to let it come to correct temp and finish cooking and to rest 
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    Backup to the brine process and let us know what you did. Prep is the most important. 
  5. on the ones i brined i rinsed them off. dry them off put a rub on then pop in the smoker until they hit almost their internal temp then pull out and wrap. the one yesterday i injected then rubbed. put in smoker. at a temp of 230-250
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    Not sure what is happening, I smoke skinless boneless chicken breast after brining them overnight in the slaughter house brine,weekly, now they are not juicy but they are not dry. I recently did 60 thigh leg combos and brined them over night using slaughter house and they turned out juicy as could be. I have done whole chickens too and they actually shot juice on my when I pulled them apart.

    Can you post the brine ingredients  that might help to figure out what is going on,

    As Biaviian has asked what temperature do you take the chicken too. I have read online a lot about USDA recommendation of chicken. IF you take it to their suggestions you will end up with dry chicken. Most sights say cook until juices run clear, and I can get that at 155-160 degrees. I have read this quote on many of cooking sites and I love it.

    "If everyone followed the government’s advice every time (along with basic sanitary procedures), it is virtually assured that no one would ever be plagued with the troublesome bacteria sometimes associated with chickens — and that are killed at 150°F (66°C). It is also virtually assured that no one would ever eat chicken again."

  7. I don't think it is the brine. my whole chickens are perfect. it just seems to be when the chicken is cut in 1/2 that is is more of a dried out texture. It isn't dry but it isn't moist and juicy either like my whole chickens are. i take them up to 175-180 ish.
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    I think you maybe over cooking them causing them to dry out.

    Just my 2cents

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    Try beer can chicken. It always comes out moist.
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    I agree with the cooking too long.  175-180 is too high for chicken.  I used to do beer can, but now I only spatchcock.  Never brine them.  I take mine to 165-170 cooking them at 300.  Always come out moist.
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  12. Yeah. I may be wrong on the temp  that i take it too cause i have cheat sheet for temp sin my log book with all my supplies at the moment. I am thinking i am really going to saw screw it with the half chickens and stay with my whole cause they are perfect . THanks for all the thoughts
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    I don't brine at all and my wife wants her chicken DONE, so many times I will see temps in the 180º area. Still all we do in wash them off with water, pat semi-dry and add Memphis Rub. As they smoke I may spritz with a lemon juice/Canola mixture. But even at the higher temps, I have never had dry chicken.

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    I think that  What ever you do  how ever you it (1/2 ,beer can , with evoo ,with rub ) if you pull it out at 165 -170 it will be moist.  if you want the skin crispy do it at 265 - 280

    if not or no skin 230-250 i get good result

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